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Natural or Synthetic—Why Going Fragrance-Free Might Be the Best Decision for Your Skin

A small change in your skincare routine can make the biggest difference. Have you noticed how drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water makes your skin glow? Or that cutting down on sugar makes your skin look more even?

Skincare products are sold to us in fancy packaging, with cool application tools, and a luxurious fragrance to make them more attractive for consumers. The added fragrance doesn’t improve the product’s functioning one bit. Most people can’t stand the strong scent of skincare products and hence, many brands are now reducing the fragrance added to their products.

Added fragrances make your skin more sensitive

According to the Women’s Voices for the Earth—a group that’s working toward the elimination of toxic chemicals from products made for women—20% of the population is allergic to at least one allergen. That’s a huge statistic, considering how many products we use in our day-to-day lives are laden with fragrances. Fragrances are the number one trigger for allergic reactions as well. These allergic reactions manifest in the form of inflammation, rashes, irritation, and breakouts.

Others, however, might be more immune to fragrance; that doesn’t mean they aren’t allergic. Even if your skin doesn’t show signs of irritation, the damage is most likely occurring under the skin. These effects will come to light years later. Synthetic fragrances added to skincare is known to break down collagen, accelerating the skin’s aging process. It also inhibits the skin from fighting against the effects of pollution, clogged pores, and sun damage.

What’s the reason behind adding fragrance to products?

 Natural or Synthetic—Why Going Fragrance-Free Might Be the Best Decision for Your Skin

Most fragrances don’t improve the efficacy of a skincare product. They’re mainly added to make the product more sellable. Body lotions with a strong scent, for example, work as a perfume, but don’t help with making your skin softer or more hydrated. The illusion of luxury and high-end ingredients is given to products with the help of synthetic fragrances. Some products only have added fragrances to mask the strong odor from the chemicals added in it.

Is unscented is the way to go?

While unscented products may seem more attractive now that you know how damaging synthetic fragrances are, the truth isn’t so black-and-white. Products marked ‘unscented’ aren’t necessarily free of fragrances. As we said, some products have an inherently strong smell, which is masked by strong fragrances. Big brands mask the strong, pungent smell of the chemicals in the products with enough synthetic fragrance to make it seem unscented.

To ensure the products you’re using are genuinely free of scent, always opt for 100% natural ones. Organic products are made from natural sources and are less likely to have any harmful additives.

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