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About Us

Most of us spend hours in front of mirror or in dressing room, checking our hair, our dressing. And this is what everyone notices. Wherever you go, whoever you meet. As soon as you extend your arm to shake hands with the other person, he or she is already scanning you from head to toe. And well everyone deserves to look good.

Welcome to Allurials, home of affordable luxury hair, body and skincare products. Here, we have committed ourselves to help you look smart and take good care of yourself. No need to spend thousands of dollars. We have luxurious products for you that are extremely cheap and affordable to buy. It’s all about you!


A little bit about our history…

Our history goes a long way back! We have over twenty-five years of experience in the hair care, body care and skincare industries. After spending years researching products and searching for the most effective formulas and purest ingredients we got successful in creating premium products that are not only effective, but are kind to your skin, hair and body. We have produced and tested various formulas using the highest quality ingredients and finally, after all these years of research and experience, we have the best products available to offer to our customers. Lastly, we don’t test our products on animals.


Our vision

We only have one goal in mind: create luxury beauty products that achieve results, and make these products affordable. Why? Because we believe that high quality hair care, skincare and body care products should be available for everyone. We’ll continue to research, test and develop new formulas so that we are constantly bringing the best and most innovative beauty products to the market.


Premium products, affordable prices

At Allurials, we have a rule; high quality products and affordable prices. To achieve this we don’t compromise on quality to bring you cheaper prices. We guarantee that every item we sell is of the highest quality and is free from harsh chemicals, parabens, petroleum, silicon and all the other nasty stuff that’s no good for you. So, how are our products so affordable? We manufacture them ourselves and sell them direct, meaning you get them at factory prices rather than at marked-up retail prices. The health and safety of our customers is always at the forefront of our minds, so you can be rest assured that we’ll never skimp on quality.


Our Mission

We believe that everyone deserves to look and feel good and we’re on a mission to help our customers with that. We believe that everyone should easily get their hands on luxurious products without spending too much money and we believe that the products you use on yourself should do you more good than bad, in our case only do good! We develop premium products that work, so that you’ll always be looking good and feel even better with much lesser money spent.