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Nay or Yay: Are Chemical-Free Conditioners the Way to Go?

It’s natural to want to look your best, especially when you’re meeting someone or some people. Whether it’s a potential date or a special event, we all want to look graceful, presentable, and an absolute star.

But when you’re dealing with frizzy, waxy, and unruly hair (thanks, weather!) it can be extremely frustrating, especially when everything else looks good!

One of the worst mistakes we make is treating our hair with chemical products when dealing with a situation or nightmare.

Got knots in your hair? Using a knot-free hairspray.

Limp and dull hair? Make it bouncy with a volume-adding spray.

Want to try a certain hairstyle? There’s always hair gel!

But what really damages our hair is the type of conditioner we use. We’re so careful about using a paraben-free shampoo that we forget that conditioners also come with their own conditions.

The Deep, Dark Secret of Chemical Conditioners

What we often fail to realize is that the type of products we use for our hair can actually result in permanent regret.

Did you know that most conditioners in department stores are full of parabens? While it may sound like it’s not something serious, parabens are associated with breast cancer!

Hannah Forcier, a YouTube beauty guru, used a new conditioner she bought on bleached hair. She had failed to read the warning label and was shocked to find her hair falling out in clumps!

The truth is, chemical-based conditioners often contain ingredients that can lead to hair loss when mixed with certain types of substance like bleach.

Choose Natural, Choose Healthy Hair

Natural hair conditioners condition the roots of your hair, helping each strand become stronger and preventing hair loss. When your hair is conditioned properly, you will notice that it will become soft and the texture will improve immensely. This is good because you don’t have to worry about your hair becoming rough after using styling gels or hairspray.

Natural conditioners contain certain nutrients that your scalp needs in order to help keep your hair healthy and balanced. When you condition your hair, you help it get access to those nutrients. Your scalp deserves treatment after being exposed to the harsh weather, dust, and pollution when you commute on a daily basis.

By washing away all the dirt and dust from your scalp and hair follicles, hair conditioners help rejuvenate your mane, adding life to its dull complexion.

When choosing natural conditioners, always opt for fragrance-free ones. Allurials offers fragrance-free conditioners for sale, as well as natural hair care products to protect your hair from damage!

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