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Emortal Pea Peptides

EMortal™ is created in the laboratory by the mixture of peptides extracted from the peas. The pea is a green pod-like vegetable which is widely known for its health benefits as a cool season vegetable all around the globe. Since EMortal pea peptides are made from a naturally growing vegetable which is safe and healthy to eat, the peptides too come without any health hazards as such known till date. While manufacturing EMortal, only the active ingredients from the pea plant stem cells were concentrated and developed into peptides.

One could say that EMortal is a stem cell activator extracted from the plant as most of the ingredients it consists come from the stem cell culture media. EMortal pea peptides are being used world-wide these days because of their incredulous anti-aging advantages. It triggers and energizes the sleeping stem cells under the human skin to maintain homeostasis of aging skin without any insignificant stem cell treatment. This exclusive behaviour of EMortal makes it extraordinary in its own kind.

EMortal not only has great health advantages, one of its plus points includes its hazard free nature! It comes as a risk free ingredient as it is extracted from plants and initially invented from animals. Both are a natural source of provision of health benefits.

Most of the stem cells ingredients used in EMortal are extracted form plants. To amplify these stem cell numbers, they must be grown into vitro, and to achieve this goal, a serum originated from animals such as fetal bovine serum (FBS) is added to maintain the growth of the cells. Consequently, even though the original sources are plants, there are additional animal sources too but they have been proven clear of any side-effects as such.


EMortal has been proven to be very beneficial for the skin and hair growth purposes.  Some of its many benefits are:

  • It consists of proteins that help in the production of collagen in the body.
  • They are a complete source of balanced amino acids.
  • Pea peptides are unique and rich in lysine which is a very good anti-aging agent.
  • It has moisture-binding properties which locks moisture in the skin and thus reduces acne.
  • It helps to repair damaged cells both on the skin and the scalp and mends the pores.
  • Pea peptides are known as anti-oxidants, anti- inflammatory peptides which help to firm the skin.
  • The collagen present in these peptides reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It stimulates follicle stem cells which in turn promote hair growth.
  • Last but not the least, these peptides leave the skin and hair soft and smooth in texture