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3 Home Remedies for Soft & Supple Feet

If you suffer from dry, cracked heels, you are not alone!

Many people suffer from dry and cracked heels, which not only look unsightly but can also be painful. What’s worse is that cracked heels make you more vulnerable to infections if you fail to find a solution.

But don’t worry.

You don’t need weekly visits and lots of money for a pedicure to get soft and supple feet.

Home remedies with aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, epsom salt, and a pumice stone work wonders.

 1. Apply Aloe Vera Gel 

Aloe vera is known for its medicinal properties. This magical natural product has antitumor, antiarthritic, anti rheumatoid, anticancer, and antidiabetic properties. Plus it is also used for constipation, gastrointestinal disorders, and immune system deficiencies.

But the formula needs to be organic, which is why we recommend Allurials All Natural Aloe Vera Gel, which is derived from organic cold-pressed aloe. This gel can treat your feet problems because it hydrates heals dry, itchy, damaged skin and even hair.

The gel has been clinically tested & dermatologist approved and is 100 percent pure antioxidant-rich, chemical-free aloe.

2. Wash With A Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is an essential oil. It has a fresh camphoraceous smell, and it can appear pale yellow or even colorless and clear. We recommend Allurials Tea Tree Foot and Body Wash which is an antifungal, natural plant-based soap. It is made using traditional European techniques from premium organic and natural botanicals rich in skin-conditioning ingredients.

This powerful broad-spectrum has natural ingredients, including 100% pure and natural tea tree essential oil.

 relaxing _in_epsom_salt

3. Soak in Allurials Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak Epsom Salt

You can soak your feet in Allurials Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak Epsom Salt that’s dissolved in water. It can help exfoliate and smooth dry, cracked feet. This, in turn, helps remove dead skin and makes your feet softer.

Epsom salt is a crystal form of magnesium sulfate. This magnesium sulfate is a mineral compound with many benefits.

Here’s what you’ll notice after regular use and once you incorporate it into your daily routine to maintain healthy skin, feet, and nails: You’ll find that you will suffer less from skin irritations caused by sweat, bacteria, and fungus.

That’s because it is deeply hydrating, and the organic aloe vera, Atlantic Sea Kelp, and Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, and E work together to heal your feet.

It is made with the best top 10 powerful natural essential oils, which is why we suggest you use it for calluses and cracked feet.

Make your DIY foot spa or give yourself a pedicure with it, and you will find that it soothes your tired feet after a long day at work. 

It will also help you treat athlete’s foot & toenail fungus and will leave the skin feeling soft & healthy.

Stinky feet? The tea tree oil takes care of that, too, and helps treat skin irritation.

Go ahead! Try these easy home remedies to get the soft and supple feet perfect for flip-flop season.

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