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3 Reasons Why Face Oils are Better than Face Creams

Along with pumpkin spice and Halloween, fall is also the season of moisturizing. The weather is dry, and chances are, your skin is getting flakier and your lips are chapped. For this, you need a long-lasting moisturizing solution. People often go for face creams, but these can be harmful to the skin, and rarely keep the moisture locked in for a long period of time. The new trend is face oils. Here are 3 ways in which face oils are much better for you than face creams.

Creams Contain Harmful Chemicals

Though this is not always the case, face creams often contain chemicals that can prove extremely harmful for the skin in the long run. Some creams that promise radiant and glowing skin contain some amount of bleach, which can cause hyper-pigmentation later on.

Apart from this, many skin creams contain lots of ingredients that create a thick, film-like layer over your skin and prevent it from being able to breathe. This, in turn, clogs your pores and makes you more prone to acne and skin problems. If you do choose to opt for skin creams, you should always check the ingredients.

Face oils, on the other hand, are often natural and organic, containing no such chemicals. They do their job at moisturizing the skin through vitamins rather than chemicals, which is a much more nourishing solution.

Creams Give Temporary Results

Many creams have a high wax quantity in their ingredients. This means that when you apply them on your face, the wax forms a seal over your face that not only clogs your pores like discussed earlier, but also prevents moisture from entering. This means that the oils in the cream that are meant to moisturize your skin are minimally effective because the other ingredients in the cream are not letting them do their job. This is why the moisture from creams rarely lasts more than a few hours.

Oils do not contain any such waxes and are extremely effective at keeping the skin moisturized for long periods of time.

Soft, well moisturized skin

Oils Are Unlikely to Have Harmful Side-Effects

Since creams are manufactured in factories and produced using lots of chemicals, there is a big chance that their continued use is not at all good for the skin. Oils on the other hand are extracted from nature itself and are mostly unprocessed and organic, which makes their repeated use beneficial rather than harmful.

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