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4 Benefits of Body Washes That Make Them Better Than Soap Bars

Do you prefer using soap to lather your body, rinse and repeat daily? But like many people, do you love using a body wash or shower gel to pamper your skin occasionally? Why do it occasionally when you can do it daily? Both soaps and body washes have the same purpose: to remove dirt from your skin. The only difference is in the ingredients and how they affect your body.

You might use soap bars, but do you know that body washes offer more benefits? Read more.

 Person showing lather from a body wash


Body Washes Moisturize Your Skin Better Than Soap Bars

Have you ever noticed that your skin feels dry after using soap? This is because soaps break the skin's oily layer and strip off excess oils in the dirt removal process. A body wash follows the exact mechanism for removing dirt from the body, but it doesn’t leave the skin dry.

Body washes include added oils and creams that leave the body hydrated. Therefore, if you use a body wash, your skin won’t get dry from regular baths.

Body Washes Are More Hygienic Than Soap Bars

Do you share a washroom with your roommate or a family member? If yes, then sharing a bar of soap can be unhygienic. You can transfer germs by sharing a soap bar, but that’s not all! Uncovered soap bars are also a breeding ground for bacteria. On the other hand, you can share a body wash bottle without worrying about it being unhygienic or transferring dirt or bacteria.

Body Washes Simplify the Process

Whenever you’re in a rush and want to take a bath beforehand, you should use a body wash! Pairing a body wash with a loofah or a piece of cloth makes the whole lathering and rinsing process easier and quicker. In addition, you can also exfoliate your skin with a body wash, something that isn’t possible with soap bars.

More Cost-Effective Than Soap Bars

Place a soap bar in your washroom, and witness it melting away into nothingness in a few days! However, this doesn’t happen with body washes, as you can just use a little amount to clean your whole body. Body washes usually come in bottles, lasting for an extended period, making them more cost-effective.

 Pouring body wash on hand

With the right body wash, you can pamper your skin and give it what it deserves. At Allurials, we have a tea tree oil foot and body wash with ingredients like tea tree oil, organic aloe vera, coconut oil, rosemary oil, and more. All of these will moisturize your body. You can also try our pure aloe vera gel or carrot seed oil for skin. Happy purchasing!

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