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4 of the Most-Asked Shampoo Questions: Allurials Edition

When it comes to shampoo, there are just so many myths on the internet. Whether it’s about the correct method of shampooing or the expiration dates, shampoo tends to have the online hair community polarized at times.

It’s not surprising that people have a lot of questions when it comes to shampoos. And that’s why the team at Allurials has dedicated this week’s blog post to answer these frequently asked questions.

Let’s take a look!

How Many Times Is Too Many?

From shampooing your hair twice a week to shampooing it daily, there are a lot of opinions available online on how often you should shampoo your hair. But according to the stylists, the answer to your question depends on your hair type. So if you have oily hair, you’ll need to shampoo your hair every other day. Similarly if your hair is on the drier side, washing your hair three to four times a week should suffice.

What’s The Deal with Rinse and Repeat?

If the rinse and repeat statement at the back of your shampoo bottle has you confused, you aren’t alone. Instead, many individuals don’t know if they should follow this rule or just ditch it. So to break it down, if you have thick or long hair, go for a second wash. On the other for shorter hair, a single wash is more than enough.

When Does Shampoo Go Bad Once Open?

Just like all other hair care products, shampoos do expire once opened. To determine how long you have until your shampoo does bad, look at the little container symbol at the bottom of the bottle. So, for instance, if the container has the number 2 written, it means you have 2 months until it expires.  

How To Tell If The Shampoo Has Expired?

If you notice a change in the color or consistency of your shampoo, it has gone bad for sure. However, at times, direct exposure to sunlight can also bring about a change in the consistency or color of your shampoo. In addition to this, you can also tell a shampoo has gone bad by noticing the changes in smell. Or, you could also test to see if your shampoo produces lather or not. If it doesn’t, throw it away!

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