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4 Summer Hair Care Tips For Curly Tresses

Taking care of curly hair is a lifestyle. It requires kindness, love, and attention all year round, but summer brings a whole range of new challenges.

The science of your curls can make summer the best or the worst time for your hair. The humidity could favor you by changing your curl pattern and giving it sheer volume, or it could be your worst enemy by causing your tresses to unfurl. Summertime also means frequent visits to the beach and pool, but chlorine or saltwater and exposure to harmful UV rays can compromise the health of your hair.

But don't be disappointed! Nothing should stop you from enjoying this season, so we've created this guide to help you protect your coils and keep them glossy and damage-free.  

1. Hydrate With Deep Conditioning

Curly hair is naturally dry and craves extra moisture due to its texture. Sun exposure and other elements can cause further damage to your hair which is why regular deep hydration is required.

Applying deep conditioners before swimming in the pool can prevent your hair from absorbing too much or saltwater and also minimize damage caused by the UV rays.

It's also essential to apply a conditioner that's infused with hydrating coconut, jojoba, or argan oil, as they help retain the moisture in your ringlets.  

2. Detangle Your Knots Gently

Curly hair is naturally more fragile and more prone to tangles and knots. In addition to being delicate, curly hair can become matted due to sweat caused by the scorching heat. So, it's extremely crucial to handle your hair with extra care.

Don't use a brush when you have the best tool at your disposal: your fingers, especially when you get out of the shower. Instead, detangle your hair gently using your fingers.

3. Be Mindful About Washing Your Hair

The frequency of cleansing curly hair tends to range from three to seven days. But no matter how often you wash your hair, avoid harsh shampoos that strip all the moisture from your hair. Use sulfate-free shampoos to seal the natural moisture in your hair.

It's highly recommended to co-wash your hair with a cleansing conditioner mixed with a tiny amount of shampoo to rinse your scalp and hair.

4. Choose the Right Styling Products

Curly hair tends to be the driest, so it's essential to use products that keep it hydrated, provide moisture, nourishment, and protection.

Understanding your curl type will help you choose the right kind of products that galvanize your curls and easily create the style you're aiming for.

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