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5 Bad Hair-Habits That Are Thinning Your Hair

An average person can lose around 50-100 strands of hair per day. Your hair follows a natural growth-cycle; Anagen phase (growth phase), Catagen phase (phase is which the hair growth stops) and Telogen Phase (resting or dormant phase).

Hair fall happens in the telogen phase, but bad hair care habits can prolong this phase and lead to damaged hair or worse – bald spots!

There are multiple things in your daily routine that can be damaging for your hair. A few changes in your lifestyle—proper diet, less stress, or switching to fragrance free conditioner and shampoos—can provide you with long luscious hair. Here is a list of things you should forgo.


Stress is not only damaging to your brain, but also to your body. Remaining continuously in stress can lead to sever hair loss. When your body experiences stressful situations, like emotional event, surgery or accident, your brain transfers the blood flow and energy to essential organs only. This leaves your hair in telogen phase for a long-time.

You might experience hair loss for 3-months after a stressful event, but they are generally replenished within 6-9 months. Practice stress-relieving exercise and adopt a healthy lifestyle for healthier hair, mind, and body.

Diet Intake

You are what you eat. Hair requires intake of different proteins, minerals and vitamin to grow and stay healthy. If fast food and processed items are a constant factor in your daily diet, then you are not doing justice to your hair.

Your diet should be rich in amino acid, zinc, protein, iron, and vitamin E. Another factor that causes hair fall, are fad diets. Opt for safe and healthy weight-loss methods and avoid starving your body of its nutritional intake.

Excessive Use Of Hairstyling Tools

Excessive Use Of Hairstyling Tools

Trying out the latest beach-curls or a French-twist is a fashion phenomenon that most of the women follow. Frequent experimentation with hair requires excessive use of styling tools, which makes them dried and damaged.

The heat generated from your hair dryer strips natural oils from your hair, which makes it dry an easily breakable. A research found out that use of hair dryer caused more exterior damage than loss of natural oils. So, if you keep the hair dryer 15 cm away from your hair, keep the heat low, and move it continually, the damage will be considerably less.

Apart from hair dryer, straightening and curling irons should be used less frequently and that too on low heat to minimize the damage. You can also adapt an all-natural approach and let your hair dry the natural way.

Using Chemical Infused Product

Use of shampoo and expensive conditioners are commonly used to improve hair aesthetics, but the chemical found in them do more harm than good. You need to switch to organic and fragrance-free conditioners and shampoo.

If you believe that finding genuine organic products is an ordeal, then you are wrong. There are multiple fragrance-free hair product shops available online and in-stores, all you need to do is search.

Moving on, people who frequently dye their hair cause hair-damage by exposure to hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. DHT content found in shampoos and other hair products weakens the hair and may even cause scalp infection.

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Swimming is a great way to stay lean and slender, but the chlorine found in pool water can be the reason behind your hair loss.

Chlorine is added to the pool water to disinfect it from various elements. Buildup of chlorine on your scalp makes hair fragile and frizzy.

Wear a swim cap and wash your hair immediately to prevent chlorine buildup.

You can maintain long and strong hair by giving it some pure TLC with all-natural Allurials hair and skin care product. Order now to avail fast and free delivery.

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