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5 Best Hair Care & Styling Tips for All Hair Types

There’s a reason why we say that a great hair day can make your day! Hair has always had an impact on our mood and the way we look.

Different hairstyles can change the way people perceive you—from dead straight or tied back in a bun for a meeting to fun beachy waves for a night out about town. 

With hair dye, and colored treatments, it is even more exciting to style your hair, and the options are endless.

But the first step of any great hairstyle or hair day is taking care of your hair.

Here are five styling tips for you, along with organic products that can help you keep your hair and scalp healthy and happy. 

1.  Understand Your Hair Type: 

Is it curly? Try the curly girl method.
Is it dry and needs oiling every week?

Knowing your hair can take some time. Is it oily, dry, or damaged? What is your scalp trying to tell you? Is it itchy? Have you noticed if it gets dry and lifeless after shampoo? 

Are you getting an itchy scalp or facing dandruff? Or is it hair fall due to the diet you are on?   Or is it pattern hair loss?

Once you know the problem, it’ll be easier to maintain your scalp and hair health.

2. Brush Your Hair

You don’t have to do a hundred strokes before going to bed. But brushing your hair every night ensures optimal blood circulation in the scalp. Not only is it soothing, but it also helps hair growth.

 3. Give It Nutrients And Watch It Grow And Shine 

Your hair needs amino acids, vitamins, essential oils, silk peptides, and pea peptides. Together these can give your hair the proper nourishment and care that it needs.

These ingredients can be found in nature which is why we have organic products like our Carota oils and Allurials fragrance-free conditioner which can help take care of your hair care problems.

 4. The Right Oils

Oiling is a game-changer when it comes to hair health, especially hair loss. 52.2 percent of women have some hair thinning, a condition called female pattern hair loss.

Our organic carrot seed oil is a natural therapeutic grade carrot moisturizer serum for hair growth.

It’s 100% natural and contains nothing but organic nourishing carrot seed for your hair.  This can be massaged into the scalp or put in shampoo to provide it with the nutrients it needs and encourage hair growth & fullness.

Want to know what is even better? This oil will help you get fuller and softer hair!  

Hello, luscious locks!


5 .Condition 

 No time to oil? No problem.

A conditioner like the Allurials fragrance-free conditioner is packed with a combination of essential oils that work together to revitalize hair and nourish the scalp.

It will leave your hair, no matter what type, looking healthier, shinier, and perfectly lustrous.

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