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5 Oils That Your Hair Will Love

When you are looking after your hair, the oils you use play a huge role. Packed with essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins, using them to nourish your hair is one of the best ways through which you can drastically improve your hair health. If you’re wondering which oil will yield the best results, the following are five oils that your hair will love, regardless of the type it is.

1.     Argan Oil

Known as liquid gold, Argan oil is renowned for its healing and nourishing properties. Rich in Omega 3, proteins, vitamins and nutrients, Argan oil can help repair dry and damaged hair. It strengthens hair and makes it softer, improving overall hair health with ease. Moreover, Argan oil is extremely multi-purpose and can be used for skin as well.

2.     Avocado Oil

While avocado is loved by all healthy food advocates, the oil produced from it is extremely potent and rich in vital nutrients as well. Even though it is not commonly used, it has yielded a lot of results, particularly when used to improve hair. The best part about it is the fact that it can be used on hair types and you can easily use this oil to rehydrate your hair with ease.

3.     Tea Tree Oil

Extremely well known for its anti-bacterial qualities, tea tree oil can effectively help to get rid of scalp different problems and soothe various hair conditions caused by fungal infections, dandruff, eczema and psoriasis too. Used for your hair, it can keep it clean, healthy and in good condition. Tea tree oil also helps regulate sebum production in hair, improves circulation and stimulates growth of new hair.

4.     Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is often hailed as the king of hair oils by hair enthusiasts and once you use it, you will see the truth too. Not only does it keep hair hydrated, it revives dead and lack luster hair, reviving it completely. The natural fats it contains are nourishing for hair and can keep it healthy, soft and shiny while also boosting hair growth.

5.     Jojoba Oil

Even though it is not commonly used for hair, jojoba oil works wonders on it, particularly for all kinds of frizzy hair. For anyone who is looking for a hypoallergenic oil to use, jojoba oil is going to be a safe bet. Not only does it nourish hair properly, it also coats it in a nice, waxy layer that is light but thick enough to protect your hair with ease.

The best part about these oils is that they can be easily used on their own or you can opt to mix and match for a combination that suits you. Products with these oils are also going to be more potent. If you are looking for a great product for your hair which incorporates all these oils and more, take a look at our conditioners. Crafted from all natural ingredients, our conditioners can nourish and protect your hair with ease.

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