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5 Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

A few fortunate people are naturally blessed with enviable, long, healthy hair. The rest of us need to be patient and consistent with our hair care routine. Maintaining long hair requires great effort and often, deliberate changes in your lifestyle. If you’re feeling hopeless or discouraged because your hair isn’t growing despite all your hard work, don’t think about using extensions just yet.

Go through these 5 pro tips to make your hair grow longer and faster.

What you eat affects your hair health

Dreamy, long hair isn’t just dependent on what you use on your hair; what goes inside your stomach also has a significant impact on the growth and health of your hair. According to a well-known New York based dermatologist, Dr. Francesco Fusco, it’s essential to feed your hair inside and out to enhance its growth. For instance, eating high-protein meals like fish, nuts, and whole grains is proven to improve hair health over time.

Trim your hair frequently

As counterintuitive as it may sound, getting frequent trims promotes healthy and fast hair growth. According to Michael Dueñas, a renowned celebrity hairstylist, haircuts will help you get rid of split ends that are responsible for hair breakage. Mitigating breakage leads to faster hair growth. Split ends may lead to you losing your hair length, volume, and shine.

Let your natural oil do the wonders

Most people forget to brush their hair before going to bed after a tiring day. As insignificant it may seem, quickly stroking your hair a few times before you go to bed has a prominent impact on your hair health. Meri Kate O’Connor, a hair educator, recommends using boar bristle brushes to evenly distribute the natural oils on your scalp over your hair for natural moisturizing. Doing so every night enhances blood circulation, leading to a healthier scalp.

Don’t put your hair under the bleach

As dapper as platinum hair may look on you, shifting from a darker shade to a lighter hair color can keep you from achieving your dream hair. As explained by Elizabeth Hiserodt, a professional hair colorist, bleach can damage your hair cuticles, leading to increased breakage and split ends. Put your hair under fewer chemicals and watch it grow faster!

Applying Hair Masks Weekly

Shoulder-length hair is normally 2–3 years old, which means it requires extra attention, care and effort. Most people think that using a regular hair conditioner is enough; but it’s not. Instead, prepare a deep conditioning DIY hair mask with high-quality organic ingredients, and apply it once a week to keep your hair super hydrated, healthy, and soft. This will ultimately lead to lesser split ends and faster hair growth.

 Applying Hair Masks

When looking for hair products, it’s a good idea to stay away from harsh chemicals that can damage your hair further. Rather, invest in something that is made of organic ingredients guaranteed to nourish your hair!

At Allurials, we provide you with a fragrance free conditioner comprising of all natural components, such as argan oil, pea peptides, coconut oil, carrot seed oil and more. You may also use our organic aloe vera gel, which will serve as a healthy addition to your hair care routine!

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