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Aloe There: Ensuring Your Aloe Vera Gel is Pure and Organic

“100 percent organic ingredients!”

“Chemical-free; also safe for kids and pets!”

“All-natural ingredients!”

These are the labels we come across in super stores when browsing the aisles for hair care products. And truth be told, we feel relieved finding products that are not only designed with our health in mind, but also designed to protect our hair.

But is this really the case? Can hair care products be paraben-free and without chemicals? The answer is “yes” but that also depends on the product you’re purchasing.

You wouldn’t think twice when purchasing a jar of aloe vera gel. After all, aloe vera is 100 percent natural, right? Not quite.

What It Takes to Spot a Fake

You’ve bought a jar of aloe vera gel. How do you know it’s organic and pure?

Check the Label

One of the ways some companies trick their customers is by tweaking the label. Instead of “100 percent aloe vera gel” it’ll say, “aloe vera 100 percent gel.”

Don’t be fooled by such labels. Instead, opt for products that say, “95 percent aloe vera” or “97 percent aloe vera.”

Check the Ingredients

One of the main ingredients used in aloe vera products is water. This is fine but make sure to check the back of the bottle first. If water is the first ingredient and aloe vera extract is the 8th or 9th ingredient, this means that there’s more water than aloe vera extract.

This also means that the product has more of the other ingredients than the extracts.

Check for Alcohol

It goes without saying that aloe vera does not contain any alcohol. So, make sure to check the label at the back for alcohol. Alcohol is added to provide a “cooling effect.” But it also dries your skin and damages it.

Aloe vera naturally has a cooling effect. All you need to do is keep it in the fridge and it’ll do wonders for your skin, without drying your skin out.

In Conclusion

These are just a few tricks and tips you can use to find out if the aloe vera product you’ve bought is natural. Most companies will claim that their product is “100 percent” natural. Go with a brand that is honest and open about its ingredients.

At Allurials, we believe that good skin is only achieved through natural and organic products. That’s why all of our products are chemical-free. We also don’t test our products on animals.

Feel free to browse through our products to keep up with our latest additions!

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