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Aloe Vera Gel — 4 Things You Can do With It

Aloe vera is an excellent addition to your beauty routine and is packed with vital antioxidants and vital nutrients that make your skin and hair incredibly beautiful. You can use it in different ways, especially in the form of a gel.

Some of the most beneficial ways to use aloe vera gel for your beauty and health include the following:

1. Use it as a lightweight moisturizer

You can use aloe vera gel as a lightweight moisturizer since it quickly absorbs into your skin and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky and slick. All you need is a little dollop of aloe on your skin when you’re done with your other skincare, and you’ll have soft, glowing skin in no time!

2. Add aloe vera gel to your face masks

Since aloe vera gel is so powerful for your skin, you can also use it as part of more elaborate skincare routines. You can add a spoon of aloe vera gel to different face masks and packs for added moisture and richness, enjoying how it makes your skin look and feel once you’re done.

 A jar of aloe vera gel from Allurials, designed for skin, hair, and body.

3. Condition your hair using aloe vera gel

Your hair deserves a lot of TLC, and there’s so much you can do using aloe vera, including hair masques and DIY conditioners. It will leave your hair feeling soft, shiny, and silkier than ever before, which is something you’re going to want. Make yourself a deep conditioning treatment using aloe vera gel and other ingredients, and we promise you’ll love how your hair looks when you wash it!

4. Make it a part of your makeup routine

Did you know you can make aloe vera a part of your makeup routine as well? You can use aloe vera gel as a primer, creating a smooth base for your makeup, or as eyebrow gel for more definition. You can also use aloe vera gel as regular hair gel, keep your flyaways down, and style your hair daily without worrying about overloading it with chemicals.

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