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Are Natural And Organic Skin Products Better?

Clean beauty is the new trend, which mean that now more than ever, people look for labels such as ‘natural,’ ‘organic,’ ‘eco-friendly,’ ‘cruelty-free,’ and so on while shopping for skincare and beauty products.

According to research 2017, almost 50% of women seek organic and all-natural skincare products. But what’s all the fuss about? Why have natural and organic skincare products become all the rage?—it’s because of their countless benefits for our skin!  

Let’s read about what natural skin products are and why they’re better.

 Woman using a natural face mask

What are organic and natural products? 

Organic and natural products are at least 90% composed of natural ingredients derived from plant sources. Most of these plants were grown without artificial pesticides, bioengineered genes, or petroleum fertilizers that are toxic to the environment. The plants are grown with organic farming methods without any additional synthetic compounds.

Are organic and natural skin products better? 

Have you ever wondered why the countryside’s air is fresher and healthier? Because it’s chemical and pollutants’ free. The same goes for natural skin products.

Here are the top three reasons why you should go for natural and organic skincare:

Better for your skin

Organic skincare products are without chemicals and harsh ingredients. Natural and organic products may not give you instant results like synthetic ingredients, but they will ensure better results with healthier skin in the long-run.

 Essential oil made from natural aloe leaves

Better for your health

Natural and organic products don’t pose any health threats. Many conventional product users are at a higher likelihood of suffering from skin problems and allergic reactions. On the other hand, natural products are good for your immune, reproductive, and endocrine systems as they’re toxin-free.

Better for your environment

Organic skincare product preparation begins with sustainable farming practices. Since fewer chemicals and artificial fertilizers are involved, significantly fewer toxins and waste go down the drain and back into the earth.

When you choose organic and natural skin products, not only are you doing wonders for your skin and internal health, but you’re also creating a positive impact on the environment.

How to switch to ‘clean beauty’?

Switching towards clean beauty requires patience and some research on your part. Talk to your dermatologist to find more about your skin’s nature and its suitable applications. Maybe your skin is allergic to any ingredient.

Research about brands that offer organic and skincare products. Look for your desired targeted ingredients. Introduce yourself to one product per week maximum. Start slowly and be patient with the results.

What does Allurials offer you?

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