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Are You Applying That Conditioner Right?

You’ve heard the lady at the salon repeat it to you a hundred times as she holds your dry hair between her fingers, “Make sure to condition your hair!”

Most people who care about their hair will use a conditioner after shampooing it, but that doesn’t mean they use it correctly.

Using a conditioner is essential for maintaining a healthy and well-nourished mane. Conventional shampoos are filled with chemicals that strip the hair of its natural oils leaving it dry and brittle. Conditioners restore moisture in your hair by creating a protective layer over it.

If your hair still looks dull and dry even after using conditioner regularly, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Here’s how to apply conditioner the right way:

1. Wring Your Hair Out Prior to Conditioning It

Conditioners have a different consistency than shampoos; it’s much thicker and doesn’t spread onto hair strands the way shampoo does. If you put on conditioner on soaking hair, it will fall right off; you might as well be putting it down the drain!

To help the conditioner actually coat and penetrate your hair strands, wring out your hair before using it. This way the product will seep into the strands instead of sliding right off.

2. Use the Right Amount

If your hair feels weighed down after using a conditioner, you might have used too much of it. Depending on how thick and long your hair is you’ll need just 2–3 small blobs of the product.

3. Leave it in For a Couple of Minutes (or more)

You aren’t supposed to wash off the conditioner immediately; it needs time to seep into your hair so read the directions and leave it in for as long as it says on the bottle.

4. Apply It Only To the Strands and Not the Scalp

Don’t apply conditioner to the scalp, it’s only meant for the older parts of your hair. Put it on from the middle of your hair to the ends.

5. Distribute the Product Evenly

Conditioner doesn’t spread out the way shampoo does, so you’ll need to distribute the product evenly yourself. If you have thick hair, use a wide-toothed comb to make sure no strands are left out.

6. You Leave Your Hair Down as You Condition

Leaving your hair down as you condition can cause skin irritation on your back and neck. When you leave conditioner in your hair for a few minutes, it’s better to clip it up while you do other things.

If you’re following these directions and still aren’t getting your desired results, then it may be time to switch your conditioner!

Try Allurials Jasmine Hair Conditioner! It’s a natural treatment suited for all hair types. Our conditioner is free of any sulfates and parabens that may strip the moisture from your hair.

For other herbal products such as carrot seed oil and natural aloe vera gel, check out our collection.

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