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Bald Patches: Hair Loss Explained

50 percent of women experience hair thinning by the age of 65, whereas male pattern baldness or alopecia affects more than 85 percent of men in America.

In some cases, hair loss begins with thinning hair or receding hairline. Men usually experience a receding hairline in shape of ‘M”, whereas, women experience hair thinning or increase in the parting of their hair.

Hair loss can be a real confidence killer, which can ultimately lead to a serious type of depression.

Hair Loss Explained

It’s In Your Gene

If your father, grandfather or grandmother rocked a bald look, chances are, you will too. Hair loss can be genetic. This type of hair loss is categorized as male-pattern or female-pattern baldness. The hair loss follows a predictable pattern, and signs can be seen as early as teenage or thirties.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can occur in males and females due to depression, illness, or a thyroid problem. Women who experience menopause, pregnancy, or child-birth are prone to lose a lot of hair in the process.  

When a woman is pregnant, all the nutritious and blood-supply is diverted toward the growth of the fetus and the primary organs of the mother. This reduces the scalp’s blood supply and causes hair loss.

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Stressful Event

If you have recently experienced a physical or a mental stress such as accident, surgery, divorce death, or a tough job, you’re prone to lose hair. Although this type of hair loss is temporary, effective measures need to be taken to restart the hair growth process to prevent a permanent loss.

Deficiency of Iron

This deficiency is common among women. Iron deficiency leads to anemia, which causes various other problems along with increased hair loss. When your body is short on blood supply, the brain signals the body to deliver sufficient supplies to the main organs, which leaves scalp malnourished.

Excessive Hairstyling

Overheating and styling can be detrimental on your hair. People who are in the habits of tying tight and high hairstyle like, ponytail, buns, and weaves can experience traction alopecia.

Dramatic Weight Loss

When people shed several pounds, through fad diets and extreme workout, this puts the body under stress. Your body remains low on important nutrients and you start losing muscle mass and even hair. But this type of hair loss can be recovered in 6–7 months, given your intake of nutrient is sufficient.

What To Do About Your Hair?

Hair loss manifests in different signs; it can be limited to the scalp or spread across the whole body. Initially, hair loss begins with thinning of the crown, bald patches, or generally thinning of the hair. Instead of drowning your hair in chemicals, take a natural approach. Use oils to make hair-serums that have a lasting impact.

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