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Body Skincare Routine—All You Need To Know

You’ve probably come across several multi-step skincare routines for your face, but your body deserves the same care and attention. Sun exposure, dirt, and pollution can rip off the natural oil from your skin, leaving it dehydrated, especially during these winter months. Now that we’re soon entering the New Year make a resolution to include a body skincare routine in your to-do list. Here’s a step by step guide to follow:

Step 1: Cleanse

Your body skincare routine is similar to the face and begins with cleansing. No matter what body part you begin with, the first step is to gently cleanse all the dirt and impurities clogged in your pores. You’ll need a separate cleanser for your face, a separate one for your body, and a separate one for your feet. Choose a gentle and natural foot and body wash that won’t irritate or dry your skin. Take your time to lather up with a loofah, and make sure to rinse well. 

Step 2: Exfoliate

Next, your body needs to shed those dead skin cells that are dulling your complexion. You can use a scrub or even try natural remedies like a sugar and honey mixture. Start with your hands and slowly make your way to the rest of your body. After scrubbing your feet, you can soak them in an Epsom salt solution so that all the germs are eliminated. 

Step 3: Shaving

After exfoliating, you can shave your body as the hair often traps dust and pollution. Shaving it will give you smooth and glowing skin. Make sure you use a shaving gel for maximum effectiveness and safety.

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Step 4: Hydrate 

After cleansing, exfoliating, and shaving, the last step is to moisturize your skin. You can use a lotion or gel, depending on your personal preference. Moisturize when your skin is still damp for maximum absorption and retention. When drying yourself, avoid rubbing the towel on your body as this can wipe away all products. Make sure to wait for a while and gently dab away the excess water before dressing up. 

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