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Breaking Bald: How Natural Hair Oils Can Help With Hair

Nobody likes dealing with hair fall. Especially not when you have to attend a wedding or special event. Do you wear a hat to cover it up? Is there a hairstyle that can hide the patches on your scalp?

Truth be told, it’s even more frustrating when you realize you can’t wear your hair the way you want to. Limited options, growing frustration, happy commercials getting on your nerves; is there an end to all of this?

Actually, yes, there is. It’s natural hair oils!

Natural hair oils are an excellent way to prevent hair fall and breakage.

Here’s how:

Essential Nutrients

Your hair is alive and just like your mind and body, it needs essential nutrients to help it grow. Have you noticed how when you eat certain foods, you feel sick, and when you eat healthy, you feel happy and energized? Your hair operates the same way. 

When you feed your hair toxins, it will stop growing, and eventually, this will lead to hair fall.

Therefore, it’s important to feed your hair the right nutrients. Oils like carrot seed oil have vitamins A and E, as well as beta-carotene.

This means that they help with moisturizing your hair, and making the roots strong. Furthermore, oils helps nourish the hair’s cuticle, preventing them from becoming vulnerable to breakage.

When your scalp is nourished, you’ll notice that it will no longer be dry, itchy, and flaky.

No Pesticides  

It may be hard to believe but did you know that “essential” oils sold online are often full of pesticides? These oils are not natural. Of course, this depends on the type of oil you buy but even small traces can be dangerous if you leave the oil overnight.

Natural oils do not contain pesticides and carefully extracted. This is especially true for carrot seed oil, which is beneficial because it contains vitamin A, E, and C.

Furthermore, natural oils are lubricants so they help untangle your hair. They are also sealants so they seal moisture and nutrients in your hair’s cuticles. This encourages growth and makes your strands stronger.

It’s always important to go for a natural approach for the best results.

We firmly believe that natural is the best way to go. That’s exactly why we offer organic hair oils and fragrance-free conditioners online. When it comes to your hair, you’re our number one priority!

If you’re in need of organic hair products, feel free to browse through our products to learn more about what we have to offer!

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