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Debunking 5 Anti-Aging Skincare Myths

There has been a lot of debate about what causes skin aging and what works to slow the aging process. But when we say debate, we mean debate among skincare enthusiasts, not dermatologists. Indeed, the answers are clear as glass.

Here we debunk some of the common myths about anti-aging.

1- SPF Makeup Works Just as Well as a Sunscreen

A lot of make-up products contain small amounts of SPF. However, make-up products aren’t effective at blocking UV rays. The sun protection factor is so low that most UV light can pass through easily.

2- Facial Exercises Can Fix Wrinkles

Many people think facial exercises can help strengthen facial muscles or help lose facial adipose tissue. But before you go on a chewing gum marathon, let us tell you that it doesn’t work. Facial exercise simply doesn’t target the right biological pathways to minimize wrinkles.

3- Tanning Beds Are Safe

Tanning beds were once considered safe as they only emit UVB rays, whereas UVA rays were the first to be identified as cancer-causing. Now we know that UVB rays not only cause cancer but also accelerate skin aging. UVB rays penetrate your skin, resulting in the production of oxidized free radicals.

These highly energetic compounds damage the DNA in skin cells. DNA damage from free radicals is currently believed to be the fundamental cause of aging.  

4- You Can’t Slow the Aging Process

Many people think aging is a “natural process” and that you can’t slow it down. We may be far from achieving immortality, but we have identified certain factors that can slow down aging.

5- Dark Skin Tones Don’t Need Sunscreen

Darker skin tones have more melanin, making the skin more tolerant to UV rays, but this protection isn’t nearly as good as SPF. The protection offered by dark skin against sunlight is negligibly small compared to a standard sunscreen with SPF 50.

Everyone needs sunscreen regardless of their skin tone; the sun doesn’t discriminate!

 A dark skin toned person applying an anti-aging cream with sunscreen


A smart decision is to pay more attention to scientific facts and less to skincare myths! One such fact terms an anti-wrinkle aging cream as a must skincare product for every individual.

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