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Debunking Hair Myths – Hair Facts that No One Tells You

As with all things, there are certain myths surrounding hair care. No one knows where or how they were started but everyone knows these little tid-bits enough to pass them on. Luckily, we took some time to sift through them and figure out which ones are true and which ones are false.

Pluck a Gray Hair, Get Too More Back

If you see a gray hair, you might be tempted to pluck it out but this will just mean that you end up with more gray hair. However, it is completely false that plucking it will do this. If your hair is graying already, plucking won’t make a difference. Once you see one gray hair, you will look around for another.

Regular Hair Cuts Means Better Growth

If you want to grow your hair, getting your hair cut on a regular basis will entail that they grow longer. However, this is not the case. Cutting hair makes them appear thicker since you get rid of the thinning ends. How fast your hair grows relies solely on your diet and the condition of your scalp. For healthy, split end free hair, you should ensure that you get a haircut, at least every 2 to 3 months or so.

Regular Brushing For Healthy Hair

Brushing hair at least a 100 times, 50 strokes on each side, has been something we have been told to do since we were kids. Unfortunately, it is not as healthy for your hair as it is touted to be. Brushing extensively can weaken the hair strand leading to split ends and hair fall too. While you should brush the tangles out, don’t brush them a 100 times.

The Right Products Will Make Your Hair Grow

No product can effectively make your hair grow. The diet you have, the health of your scalp and other genetic factors will contribute to the rate your hair grows at. Using a product to get longer hair is not always feasible and produces minimal results. The biggest factors to it are usually in your diet. The healthier the diet, the better your hair will flourish.

Dandruff Means a Dry Scalp

Causing flakiness and itchiness, dandruff is mostly associated with dry skin because of the flakiness it causes. On the other hand, an oily scalp can also cause dandruff too. Excessive yeast in the body can also promote the growth of dandruff so you always have to identify the root cause of dandruff before you start treating it.

Air Drying Hair to Prevent Damage

Heat damage is all too real and it causes weak hair, split ends and often dries out the scalp too. For this reason, the alternative is to air dry your hair. Unfortunately, air drying it might not be as healthy as it appears. What happens is that hair absorbs water which swells the hair strand. This can be more damaging to your hair than you would expect it to be. The best option is to use your blow dryer on the lowest setting to dry your hair as quickly as possible.

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