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Epsom Salt Detox: How To Do It

An Epsom salt detox is so much more than pouring salt in to your bathtub. The magnesium sulfate compound offers a plethora of health and beauty benefits by drawing out bodily toxins.

Unlike many of the artificially manufactured beauty products currently in the market, Epsom salt doesn’t just target one problem area; this natural item is both affordable and value-added because of its multi-purpose functions.

The crystals have reportedly been in use for more than 4 centuries because of their powerful healing properties. No wonder it’s an indispensable part of people’s beauty routines.

Epsom salt detox baths are a great way to balance the body and enjoy some much-needed relief after a long day.

Learn how to prepare an Epsom salt-based detox!

Make An Epsom Salt Detox Bath

To draw up a relaxing Epsom salt bath take the following steps:

  • If you have a standard-sized bathtub, use a couple of cups of Epsom salt. Pour the crystals in a tub of warm water heated to around 101° Fahrenheit.
  • To make the salt to dissolve faster, pour it under the water spout. This helps to completely mix the Epsom salt in to the water. You know your bath is ready when the water feels sleepy.
  • This is the fun part—ease yourself in to the tub, play some light music in the background and soak in the richness of the Epsom salt mixture! Stay in for approximately 12 minutes or more if you feel like extending your luxurious ‘me’ time.

Want to combine the benefits of Epsom salt with that of aromatherapy? Simply add your favorite blend of essential oils like tea tree, lavender, or peppermint in to the mix and get ready to feel like royalty.

Make An Epsom Salt Paste

This is great for smaller applications as an Epsom salt paste is ideal for topical use. Prepare paste by mixing a small amount of the salt with water. Spread a thin layer over the parts of your body you want to see a positive effect on.

 Make An Epsom Salt Paste

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