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Goat Milk—The Must-Try Skincare Ingredient

The Egyptian queen of beauty, Cleopatra was popularly known for her extensive skincare routine that included luxurious baths in pure milk. While bathing in milk might not seem like a practical idea for modern women, skincare brands are now offering various milk-based products for convenience and effectiveness. Goat milk, in particular, has been a rising star in the beauty world. Here are some of the top benefits this milk offers:

1. It’s Gentle but Effective

One of the biggest benefits of Goat milk is that it has the same pH as human skin. This means when you use goat milk products, you don’t have to worry about it disturbing your skin’s natural microbiome. Goat milk is a natural skincare product that works best with sensitive skin problems like psoriasis and eczema. While other chemical products worsen these skin conditions, you can trust goat milk to be super gentle but highly effective. 

2. It’s Rich In Nutrients

Your skin membrane is made of cholesterol and fatty acids, a lack of which can trigger dehydration and irritation. Goat milk is rich in nutrients like fatty acids, vitamin A and cholesterol, which keep your skin healthy, soft, and glowing. Goat milk also has plenty of selenium, which ensures your skin membrane is always in top condition and helps improve psoriasis symptoms such as dry skin. 

 Goat milk moisturizer applied on dry skin

3. It’s A Natural Exfoliator

Another added benefit of goat milk is that it contains great compounds for exfoliation. 

The lactic acid in goat milk helps remove the topmost layer of dead skin cells, giving you a glowing, youthful complexion. Lactic acid is also super gentle on the skin, making it great for sensitive skin.

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