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Hair Care Tips—3 Dos and Don’ts

Do you envy all the models and Instagram influencers with gorgeous and silky locks? Don’t be! You can get them too! Most people make common mistakes like not using carrot oil for hair growth or using hair styling tools every single day. However, if you maintain your hair right, you can flaunt it like a celebrity!

Here are some haircare dos and don’ts that will help you get your dream hair.

Do—Condition Your Hair after Every Wash

Most people shampoo their hair regularly but forget to condition them after every wash. Don’t ever do that! Conditioner is a hydrating agent that deeply moisturizes your hair. People with dry hair shouldn’t skip on conditioner ever, nor should people with chemically treated hair. Regularly conditioning hair prevents color from fading out from color-treated hair.

In addition, it’s also necessary to use a conditioning mask once a week to make your hair shinier and lush. We also recommend using sulfate-free and silicone-free conditioners, as they’re good for your hair.

Don’t—Use Hair Styling Tools Too Often

We understand that getting frizzy or damaged hair to settle down or look presentable without using a straightener or curler is difficult. But the goal is to get healthy and smooth hair by natural means, not to get silky locks temporarily through styling tools.

Many styling tools have extremely high heat levels that damage your hair in the long run. However, this doesn’t mean you should stop using your favorite hot tools. Instead, use them moderately, as experts suggest. Moreover, never use styling tools on wet hair, as it can burn your hair beyond repair.

Do—Oil Your Hair for Added Moisturization

People with dry or damaged hair often need treatments or care to get their tresses back on track! The best way to do that is by regularly oiling your hair. You can use any natural hair oil, without any added elements, for better results. Just apply the oil, massage your head two times a week, and let the oil work its magic!

Use oil for hair growth


Without a natural oil like carrot oil for hair growth, your hair might not get that bouncy, silky, runaway model look! At Allurials, we have a carrot oil hair product to give your hair the desired nourishment and moisturization.

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