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Hair Cut Gone Wrong? Grow Hair Faster With These Easy Tips

You stare at your reflection in complete and utter shock (not because you look stunning), unable to recognize the person looking back at you with an inverted bob gone horribly wrong. This is a situation many women find themselves in.  

Since there is no way to turn back time and reverse the damage to your hair—and self-esteem—you can always bring your old hats, scarves, and caps in style. But hiding your hair should not be the only plan you have. You can speed up the growth of your hair to escape the bad haircut.

How To Grow Hair Really Really Fast

Stimulate blood flow in your scalp

Increased blood flow in your scalp will restart the Anagen phase (growth phase). You can buy essential oils to massage your scalp once or twice a week. Increased blood flow in the scalp will produce more growth cell and keratin, which will help improve your hair growth.

Nutrition for your hair

Healthy locks of hair do not come effortlessly; you need to provide proper nourishment in order to keep them rejuvenated.

If your target is to achieve an additional inch of hair length, add food items that are rich in niacin, Vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and a lot of proteins, in your diet plan.

If you need an additional boost for hair growth, take help from supplements.

Use your hair’s natural oil

Your scalp produces oil to protect the moisture of your hair, and keep them shiny and frizz-free. A few brush strokes throughout the day will help distribute the natural oil found in your scalp. Brush strokes improve blood circulation and play the role of a natural oil massage therapy. So, brush-up your hair before going to bed.

Chose the right hair care products

You are what you eat, if you are feeding your hair chemical-rich solutions, then don’t expect them to be lustrous and long. Use chemical and fragrant-free hair products to condition your hair with health-inducing elements.

Make use of natural healing and growth agents like aloe vera and carrots, to achieve long and strong hair. There are multiple online shops for unscented hair conditioners and shampoo, make sure to find a store that sells authentic and organic products.  

UV- rays exposure

Sun is bad for skin and hair. Excessive exposure to the sun can lead to loss of protein content in your hair, which makes them brittle and prone to damage.

Wear a hat or scarf while taking a walk on a hot sunny day.

Don’t change color

No matter how tempting the thought of bleach-blonde hair sounds to you, there is no need of causing further damage to your poorly cut hair. Avoid coloring your hair, it makes your hair dry and prone to damage and breakage.

If your hair is already dyed, moisturize them with aloe vera gel or any essential oil.

Schedule a trim

Why cut your hair if you want to grow them? Frequent trimming rids your hair of split ends and stops breakage.

This ensures that your scalp nourishes hair that are suitable for growth.

Don’t stress

Stress is the enemy of all things beautiful in life, like your waistline and hair.

Stress prolongs the telogen phase (hair fall phase) and prevents your hair from completing the growth cycle. Hair loss due to stress can last for more months, but once your stop stressing, your hair will start to grow in 3-6 months.

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