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Hair Loss: Possible Causes and How to Treat It

Shedding hair is an entirely normal process. On average, every individual will lose anywhere around fifty to a hundred strands of hair in a day. However, this does not necessarily constitute hair loss, as there is new hair growing at the same time.

When this natural cycle is disrupted, that is when the problem arises. When you are losing hair without new hair to compensate for it (due to the hair follicle being damaged), that is where the actual issues arise.

Potential Causes

There are a number of underlying factors when it comes to hair loss. The causes can range from heredity hair loss to medical conditions. Treatment, of course, depends on identifying the reason behind the thinning of hair in the first place.

Male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness are generally purported to be the most common cause of hair loss—something passed down by one’s family history. This type of hair loss tends to occur gradually, and in mostly predictable patterns, that are indicated by bald spots and receding hairlines.

If you are undergoing hormonal changes and imbalances, that is also one of the causes of thinning hair. This could be due to a number of reasons, such as pregnancy, or issues with your thyroid gland. Medical conditions such as scalp infections and alopecia are also among some of the more common causes of hair loss.

Additionally, certain medications can result in increased hair fall. This can be medication for anything from depression and high blood pressure to cancer or arthritis.

Depending on the reasons for your hair loss, rest assured that you can find a treatment method that works for you! To ensure the success of such treatments, however, it’s important to take proper hair care measures.

It’s a good idea to keep your hair at a safe distance from heat, as well as avoiding hair products that are chockfull of chemicals that can harm your hair and scalp.

Try to invest yourself in hair care routines that can help rejuvenate your hair, and make use of shampoos and conditioners that are free of sulfates, parabens, and other unappealing ingredients.

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