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Hair Tips that Everyone Ignores

When you have to look after your hair, it can be rather easy to forget the tips that make a difference. Nowadays, there is so much information available on what you should and shouldn’t do to your hair that it can be a bit challenging to remember which one you should follow and which you should ignore. The following are some hair tips that everyone tends to ignore but they really shouldn’t.

1.     Don’t Rub Hair When Drying It

When drying hair, we tend to wrap it in a towel or terry cloth and start rubbing our scalp. Don’t do it. After you have wrapped your hair, simply squeeze the water out by gently pressing at the hair.

2.     Get All the Moisture Out

Before you start styling your hair, always make sure that all the moisture has been gotten out, particularly if you are about to apply heat to it. Doing so helps to cut down on the damage your hair gets and you will also have fewer split ends to deal with.

3.     Shampooing Each Day Can be Harmful

Overzealous washing of hair can result in damaging the scalp as well as stripping it off certain essential oils that are necessary for ensuring that your scalp and your stay healthy. Instead try shampooing after two days or more.

4.     Use a Vinegar Rinse to get all the Product Out

Itchy scalp and dull hair can also be a result of hair having too much product in it. If you want to make sure that you got all the shampoo out of your hair, use a vinegar water rinse at the end of your shower or bath. The vinegar helps get any remaining product out and makes sure your hair is squeaky clean.

5.     Don’t Brush Wet Hair

When your hair is wet, the strand is more susceptible to damage. For this reason it is necessary to avoid brushing it at this time. Let your hair air dry if possible in order to give it the best health possible. If you still need to brush your hair, use a wide toothed comb, plastic or wooden, not metal, and brush your hair with it.

6.     Get a Silk Scarf for Hair

At bedtime, we usually tend to tie up hair or let it be. On the other hand, if you want to tie your hair up or want a better way to keep your curls intact, get your hands on a silk scarf or wrap that will keep your hair healthy and happy.

7.     Have a Silk Pillowcase

If you’re sleeping with your hair open, then you might benefit from having a silk pillowcase. The silk fabric helps your hair retain moisture, ensures that it stays tangle free and you experience less breakage as well as ensure that your hair gets to breathe too.

With these tips, you can easily ensure that your hair stays healthy, happy and you don’t have to experience as much breakage as you would have.

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