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Haircare During the Lockdown: How to Do It Right

While adjusting to the post-pandemic new normal, don’t leave your haircare routine behind. You can think of this situation in two ways: either as punishment or a time for some self-pampering—we suggest the latter.

Keeping your hair healthy and strong is challenging. Daily exposure to sunlight, not getting enough sleep, and using the wrong products leads to hair damage. So use this time at home to take care of your mane.

For the first time in forever, your hair isn’t being exposed to harmful UV rays and pollutants on the daily. Moreover, most of us haven’t used hair styling products in a long time. Your tresses now have the opportunity to achieve their natural state again! So why not massage, rinse, and condition a little more to restore their natural shine and good health?

To make it easy, we’ve come up with some fantastic haircare tips to get you started with your quarantine hair care.

Hair Oil Massages

Your mom was right when she went on and on about massaging oil into your hair. Now’s the time to show her that you care about your tresses! Hair oils are rich in minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids that boost your hair growth and make it long and shiny.

Massaging your hair twice a week lubricates the scalp, enhances blood circulation, strengthens the roots, softens the hair, and prevent breakage. You can add two–three drops of an organic carrot seed oil to boost the efficacy of the massage.

How About a Hot Towel Spa?

After years of shampooing and conditioning, your hair might need some extra love and care. Rejuvenate your dry, damaged hair by treating it with a hot towel spa at home.

Applying supplemental heat by wrapping a hot towel around your head is an effective way to add the desired moisture to your hair follicles.

Don't Go Near Hair Styling Equipment.

The best way to care for your hair at home is by staying away from hairstyling equipment. Exposure to excessive heat makes your hair rough and dry. Hair straighteners, curlers, gels, and setting sprays should be inside the drawers during this period.

Avoid Combing Wet Hair

Uncombed, wet hair left to dry naturally

When your schedule was tight, you showered in a hurry, combed your hair, left for work in a rush. But it’s advised to avoid combing wet hair, as it increases hair loss and weakens the roots.

But now that you have ample time, leave your hair to dry naturally and then comb gently using a wide-tooth comb.

Mask It Up!

It’s time to grab some ingredients from your pantry and treat your hair. Yogurt, eggs, milk, avocados, and bananas are extremely beneficial for enhancing the lusciousness of your hair. Whip up these two unique DIY hair masks in less than five minutes:

  1. Banana + Avocado + Coconut oil to treat damaged, frizzy hair
  2. Olive oil + Honey + Carrot seed oil for hair growth

Let Allurials Help You Achieve Your Mane Goals

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