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Hairdressers Talk About Their Craziest Client Experiences

Remember that one time you decided to follow your dreams of becoming a celebrity, with $50 in your pocket, and nothing else to your name?

Do you remember investing $1,000 in a small startup you didn’t even know would work? Do you remember taking the risk of being suspended by helping your friend cheat during a math test?

While these things may sound kinda crazy to some, and perhaps normal to others, the truth is, we’re all surrounded by all sorts of people who will do anything to stand out.

And that’s certainly true when it comes to our hair.

The Elvis Presley look, the half-shaved, half-beach waves style, a Mohawk, a shaved head with a tattoo on the forehead—you get the idea.

People want to stand out. Unfortunately, in the process, they also end up making headlines for the wackiest things they do.

These hairstylists found that out the hard way. Let’s take a look at some of the craziest client experiences some hairstylists have had:

Old Isn’t Always Gold

Sometimes, it turns into mold.

Sarah, 46, found this out the hard way when a client walked into her salon, asking for a haircut. She looked normal, she spoke normally, but what gave life to the nightmare was when Sarah ran her fingers through the client’s hair.

Mold and fungi growing on her scalp.

Now if THAT doesn’t make you want to hurl up, just imagine this: the client confessed that she didn’t have time to shower so she would just wash her hair with water once a week.

This One Time a Client Didn’t Wash Her Hair…

 This One Time a Client Didn’t Wash Her Hair

…for 6 months! The result? Gross, brownish-yellow chunks falling from the strands of her hair, and a smell to make you gag and faint.

Clarissa, 28, the owner of the salon, created a policy that if you were to visit for a haircut, you’d have to come with washed hair!

The Condition of the Hair Was SO Bad!

Maria, 35, recalled this one time a client came into her salon, saying that her hair was falling in clumps and that she needed a nice haircut so help it stop.

It’s normal to get a haircut when you’re facing hair fall. But in this client’s case, it was so bad that Maria would try to part her hair and chunks of it would fall to the ground.

The client ended up getting her hair shaved. What caused this problem, you ask? She left a paraben-rich conditioner in her hair for an hour!

When it comes to hair, it’s important to maintain it and protect it from damage.

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