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Healthy Winter Hair Care – The Best Food to Feed Your Hair

Winter is here, and you can almost feel your hair frizzing up, scrunching at the roots as the humidity seeps out of the air, and thus out of your hair.

But this time, perhaps its best to prepare your locks, by feeding them the best foods that’ll keep them protected and nourished.

Below are just some of the most popular ingredients for hair care which work perfectly in keeping your tresses protected from the harsh winter elements!

Best Ingredients for Winter Hair Care

- Aloe Vera

Hugely popular in the beauty industry, aloe vera is now a staple in most skincare products. Loved for its anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera keeps your scalp hydrated and nourished, so there’s no worry of your scalp flaking off and becoming irritated.

Aloe vera also has something known as the proteolytic enzyme, which not only heals damaged skin, but also stimulates hair follicles that were dormant, thus promoting hair growth. To top it off, aloe vera also has a high amount of minerals, proteins and vitamins, which works well in keeping your locks conditioned and healthy.

- Carrot Seed Oil

Loved for its gentle healing effect, carrot seed oil is mainly used as a conditioner, since it keeps the hair hydrated, nourished and healthy, which in turn allows stronger hair growth. Carrot seed oil also strengthens the hair from the root up, and uses its vitamin content to protect the scalp from any UV damage. The oil also boosts blood circulation, which for those with thinner hair, can be quite beneficial.

- Goat Milk

Think of goat milk as the ultimate hair masque! Ideal for those with extra curly or kinky hair, goat milk basically layers your hair with an extra coating of moisture and nourishment, making it softer, smoother and strong. More beneficial than your average cow’s milk, goat milk moisturizes your hair from root to tip, working its way into your scalp to prevent dryness.

For those with flaky scalp issues or sensitive skin, using any goat milk-based product will work well in keeping your hair healthy!

Give Your Hair an Extra Treat!

Aside from the above though, there are plenty of other ingredients your locks need, like argan oil, jasmine, jojoba oil and more, all of which are available through our line of Allurials products!

From our fragrance-free conditioners to the all-natural aloe vera gel, all our products are designed to keep your skin and hair nourished, and your wallet happy!

So shop online! And give your hair that special treat it deserves this winter!

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