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How Natural Hair Conditioners Play a Part in Fixing Damaged Hair

We all wish we had hair as silky and smooth as a celebrity. Not only do they never seem to have any problems with walking down the street on a bad weather day (thanks, wind!), they never have to deal with split-ends or dry hair!

Damaged hair can become a problem in the long run. Not only are you unable to style your hair the way you want, they’re also a sign of an unhealthy scalp (yikes!)

But before you throw in the towel and go for a haircut, there are ways to reduce the damage, and prevent split-ends. One of the ways is to invest in a good, natural conditioner,

Here are a few reasons why:

It Isn’t Laden With Harsh Chemicals

A no-brainer but most individuals forget about this. Most conditioners contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) that can cause damage to the scalp and the roots of the hair. It’s also used in powerful insecticides.

Not only that, overexposure can lead to liver damage, skin rashes, eye damage (if it gets in your eye), and depression. Another ingredient to avoid are Polysorbates, which are used in almost every conditioner.

Polysorbates are used in fragrances as well, to dissolve them. But they destroy the scalp and skin’s protective layer, and disrupt their natural pH.

Organic conditioners do not have such chemicals added to them. In fact, if you notice, they do not lather. This is good because it’s a sign that the conditioner does not have harsh chemicals.

It Moisturizes Your Scalp

Our hair needs moisture in order to grow. Other than this, when your hair stripped of its natural moisture, it becomes dull in appearance and vulnerable to breakage.

One of the things chemical-based conditioners do is that they zap the moisture from the roots of your hair and prevent your hair from creating its own oil.

Organic conditioners are not laden with such chemicals so they do not interfere with the natural process of your hair.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

Investing in natural and organic conditioners can do wonders for your hair. It’s also important to get your hair trimmed every 3 months, to get rid of damaged tips and split-ends. This is important because you want to get rid of dry and dead hair, in order to encourage the growth of new, healthy hair.

In addition, avoid using heat on your hair. If you really need to blow-dry, set the settings on medium or low heat, and always use thermal protection.

Other than this, you can use carrot seed oil to promote hair growth, and prevent split-ends. When it comes to choosing the right conditioner, always go for a fragrance-free one. It not only has the essential ingredients, it helps rejuvenate your hair.

All our organic, natural hair care products contain non-toxic ingredients, including proteins, amino acids, silk peptides, vitamins, pea peptides, fatty acids and more. Contact us to place an order today!

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