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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Confused, whether to complete your 100 strokes brush routine, washing your hair before you go to bed, or letting the natural oil nourish your scalp?

The common questions that intrigues every mind is the shampooing schedule to follow. But before you set a hair-washing schedule, learn what a shampoo does to your hair.

How does shampooing works?

Shampoo is an emulsifying agent that traps oil, residue and dirt buildup in your hair. After the shampoo traps the buildup, water is used to rinse it out, leaving you with clean hair.

Your scalp produces oil known as sebum; shampooing rids your hair of its natural oil content.

Excessive use of shampoo can make your hair dry and damages, and if your shampoo is full of harmful chemical or fragrance, your hair will be further subjected to damage.   

Natural oil is needed to keep your scalp moisturized and protected from harmful agent. Hence, everyone does not need to wash their hair every day. Use a fragrance-free conditioner and shampoo and enhance natural oil production by massaging your hair for better blood circulation.

What Determines Your Hair-Wash Cycle?

Type of hair

Different people have different type of hair. Every hair type or texture requires a specific kind of washing routine. Oily hair might need frequent washing, whereas dry hair can go without a wash for 2–3 days.

Thin hair tends to get dirty and oily quickly compared to think hair, which makes shampooing necessary. Same is the case with curly, silky, straight or coarse hair; each hair type will require a separate maintenance routine.


If you hit the gym on a daily basis, your hair might require a frequent wash than those who have a sedentary lifestyle.

Sweating plays an important role in determining your shampooing routine. The more you sweat, the pores on your scalp get clogged. This makes your hair oily and dirty, which calls for deep cleansing.


Climatic condition has an effect on your skin and hair. In cold regions, your scalp may be dry and full of dandruff, whereas in humid regions, your scalp will be oily throughout the day.

Depending on the oil secretion and hair condition, you need to decide if your hair needs a wash.


If you have recently got a protein treatment or a complete blowout, don’t put additional stress on your hair by washing them. As a rule of thumb, style washed and clean hair. This way, the styling stays longer.  

How long can you go without washing your hair?

Some people need to wash their hair every other day, while others can survive 2–3 days without a wash. Gauge the condition of your hair—if they are too oily, dirty or if there is obvious flaking, wash your hair.

According to experts, you shouldn’t leave your hair unwashed for more than 14 days; that can have a detrimental impact on your scalp.

You can also extend the gap between washes by using powder to soak oil, dry shampoo, or conditioner. But make sure you buy quality chemical-free and unscented conditioners and shampoo from a trusted organic supplier like, Allurials.

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