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How to Avoid Heat Damage When Styling?

When it comes to damaging your hair, heat styling is the biggest culprit. Almost every girl has a straightener, a curling wand, hot rollers and other paraphernalia in their styling bag which can not only cause split ends but also helps to weaken the hair and ruin its texture as well. If your hair has reached its last straw with you, help it heal by trying these ways to avoid heat damage when you are styling.

1.     Always Use Heat Protection Spray

Not using heat protection spray is one of the biggest problems when it comes to using hot tools. If you want to prevent heat damage, you have to use heat protection spray since it works, much like sun block. It minimizes the effect of the heat, allowing you to style with ease but preventing the damage that usually occurs when you use too much.

2.     Using the Highest Heat Setting

Hot tools allow you to switch temperatures with ease but always try to opt for temperatures that are moderately hot. If you have thicker hair, you might be tempted to use it on its highest setting but that only helps to damage your hair. Avoid using the lowest setting as well since unless your hair is extremely thin, this might mean that you have to use your hot tools for longer durations of time.

3.     Using Hot Tools Frequently

When it comes to hot tools, you should only use them once a week. Some people tend to use them almost every day but this is why their hair gets easily damaged. To prevent this from happening, ensure you use them only on certain days. By opting to limit your usage of hot tools, you can easily limit the heat damage to your hair as well.

4.     Don’t keep the Hot Tool in One Place

Whether you are straightening your hair or curling it, do not hold the hot tool in one place for too long. If you do this, it will straighten your hair in an uneven manner, creating a wave, ensuring that you have to straighten your hair all over again. This is also responsible for burning off a chunk of your hair when you hold the curler or the straightener too close to your hair.

5.     Forgetting Your Hair Health

If you already have damaged, dry hair, avoid the straightener or the curler until your hair has recovered enough to use a heat tool on it. Exposing damaged hair to more heat will only result in drying it out and causing more damage. Allow your hair to recover before you opt to use it.

By paying attention to these, you can easily ensure that you don’t end up ruining your hair or having to get rid of it. Whether your hair is dry and dead or nice and healthy, you can easily ensure it stays in good condition.

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