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How to Create a Hair Care Routine?

Much like you need a skin care routine to look after your skin, you need a hair care routine to look after your hair too. Unfortunately, not everyone pays attention to this aspect and this is a major reason why you might have once had lovely hair but started to face problems with it overtime.

With a proper hair care routine, you can ensure that your hair ages as gracefully as your skin does. Luckily, if you don’t have a routine for your hair, it’s not too difficult to build one that meets your needs. To build a proper hair care routine, you need to make sure you have the following:

1.    Shampoo

The shampoo you pick should be meant for your hair type and should be strong enough to leave your hair clean without drying it out. It should always be used three times in a week and you should do your best to give your hair a chance to breath. Sometimes, it is best to just go with the flow and wash your hair when you feel like it.

2.    Conditioner

You should have a moisturizing conditioner that you can use after your shampoo. How much conditioner you need and how often you should condition your hair depends upon the dryness and overall health of your hair. Always make sure it coats the middle of your hair, going till the ends in order to nourish the driest and weakest areas of your hair with ease.

3.    Deep Conditioner

A good deep conditioner can help soothe your hair follicles and return moisture and shine to it. This ensures that your hair is in great condition and recovers easily from any trauma it might face. Keep in mind that the amount of times you should deep condition your hair should be once or twice a week but if your hair is severely damaged, it could benefit from conditioning it three times a week.

4.    Protein Treatment

Protein treatments are great for adding a dose of much needed protein and amino acids in your hair. If you have color treated, relaxed or stylized hair, you can benefit more from a protein treatment that is administered by a stylist. These are specifically designed to replenish your depleted hair after it has been subject to harsh chemicals. On the other hand, if you have regular, untreated hair, getting a leave- in protein serum or spray can be a great addition too.

5.    Daily Styling Aids

If you regularly style your hair, you need to get your hands on some daily styling aids that you need to use. These can be anything from heat protection spray to curling creams as well as serums against anti-frizz as well. You have to be careful with the styling aids you use as well since these can remain in your hair and leave residual traces as well. Depending on the kind of styling aids you use, you can experience minimal to maximum buildup of product.

If you’re looking for a great conditioner to add to your routine, take a look at the Allurials conditioner for all hair types. Its fragrance free formula moisturizes and aids in making and keeping hair strong.

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