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How to Give Your Hair Some Tender Loving Care?

Growing a healthy head of hair takes more time and effort than you would have thought which is why it needs all the help it can get. If you want a luxurious mane of hair, you have to give some care in order to grow well, without any damage. If you’re wondering how to do this, pay attention to the following things:

Always Use Heat Protection

Heat is one of the biggest reasons why your hair suffers from damage. Frayed and split ends commonly occur due to heat application. If you style your hair a lot, you might understand just how quickly your hair starts to feel straw like. Whether you’re curling your hair, setting it up in a hairdo or simply straightening it out, always make sure to use a heat protection product.

These act as a barrier, allowing you to style your hair without damaging it. Moreover, use heat protection products on your hair, even when you step out of the house. We usually tend to remember to apply sun block for our skin but our hair and scalp can suffer from this too. On harsh summer days, wear a hat and some heat protection spray. Your hair will thank you for it.

Deep Condition Hair

If your hair has started to appear straw like or rough in texture and it is brittle, breaks too much or is falling out, give a little boost by deep conditioning your hair. Even when your hair is healthy, deep conditioning it once a week can help to revitalize your hair and imbibe it with a nice luster.

You can either use store bought hair masks that are perfect for deep conditioning, or you can opt for home-made, organic masks that are made from natural ingredients such as bananas, avocados, papayas and more. Homemade masks also tend to be easier on the pocket and crafted from ingredients that are high in nourishing proteins, fats and more, they are more preferred too.

Pay Attention to Styling Products

Often times, the products you use can be the ones responsible for damaging your hair too. Sometimes, they contain heavy chemicals that can cause hair fall, weaken hair and even ruin the texture it has. Certain hair coloring procedures are examples of this factor.

Depending on the amount and quality of dye used, you can cause a considerable amount of damage. Opt for hair dyes that are ammonia free or they have formulas that are demi- permanent since they do not damage hair as much as the regular alternatives.

Get a Trim

At times, the damage is so extensive that there is no other option available than cutting it off. Sometimes, this is the best option available so don’t shy away from it. Trying to grow your hair out and then opting for a cut can be the wrong move since it usually hinders growth of healthy hair and allows the damage to climb up the hair, particularly if you are dealing with split ends. Getting a trim every two months or so, also helps to ensure that you manage to grow your hair out, without damaging your hair.

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