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How to Grow Thicker Eyebrows? 4 Tips for You

It’s no secret that thick, unruly, and noticeable eyebrows are having their moment! You can see celebrities rocking thick, bold, and dark eyebrows. We can safely say that the trend for natural and thick eyebrows that started in the mid-2010s is here to stay. However, what about people who haven’t been able to join the trend due to thin eyebrows? We have something that might help.

Here are some tips for growing thicker eyebrows. Follow them, and your eyebrows will soon look the way you want.

 A cropped face with natural, unkempt eyebrows

Avoid Over plucking Your Eyebrows

This tip should come as no surprise! Over plucking your eyebrows or plucking them too often can change the natural shape of your eyebrows. Moreover, your eyebrows can grow even thinner with constant plucking. Even if you want to pluck them, we recommend doing that only once a month so that they can grow and frame your face better. Trust us when we say that nature is the best stylist!

Massage Your Eyebrows Regularly 

You might have heard many people talk about the benefits of massages for thicker hair on the head, but do you know that the same method works for eyebrows too? This is because massages regulate blood flow that is essential for boosting hair growth. We recommend massaging your eyebrows twice a day gently. You can massage your eyebrows using your fingers or use a clean toothbrush for gentle exfoliation.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

There it is again! The old and trusted method of solving most of your skin and hair problems by drinking more water. Keep your skin healthy and hydrated by drinking enough water, and witness your eyebrows grow faster in no time.

Use an Eyebrow Growth Serum

However, if you’re using all of the methods mentioned above and still can’t see thicker eyebrows, we have the right solution. Use an eyebrow growth serum! Eyebrow growth serums have various hydrating and nourishing ingredients that facilitate eyebrow growth. They keep your existing eyebrows healthy by moisturizing them and ensuring that you don’t lose eyebrow hair by strengthening them.

 Person applying eye patches under eyes with thick eyebrows 

An eyebrow serum can enhance your whole look by transforming your eyebrows and making them lush and thicker! At Allurials, we present our Eyelash & Growth Eyebrow Serum, which will make your eyelashes grow better with moisturizing ingredients. Our skincare products also include pure aloe vera gel and carrot seed oil for hair, to give you best skin and hair of your life. Order today!


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