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How To Keep Your Hair Long And Strong?

Do you have long hair that lacks shine and luster?

Are your hair losing its glory due to climate, chemical, and stressful routine?

In order to keep your mane long and strong, you need to maintain a healthy hair care routine.

Eat right, follow a proper bathing cycle, and use styling products in restricted amounts.

Many people chop-off their long hair, because they feel the maintenance and upkeep is quite burdensome. But on a good hair-day, long luscious hair is no doubt the winner.

Here is a recommended hair routine for long hair.

Brush your hair

Before you step inside the shower, brush your hair. Untangle all the strands, using a bottom-up approach with a wide-tooth comb.

Don’t apply excessive pressure as this might break or damage your hair. Brushing limits the hair fall that happens during and after the showering process. Untangled hair allows shampoo to reach the roots easily without damaging or breaking the hair.

Apply essential oils

Use any essential oil like raw coconut or carrot seeds oil to nourish your scalp. You can apply it an hour before you shower, or a night before.

Gently massage your scalp with the oil of your choice. This improves the blood circulation on the scalp and boost hair growth. Focus oil application in your problem areas like split ends, or damaged roots. Let the oil set in before you wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Washing your hair

Choose a mild shampoo that is rich in natural ingredients.  Shampoos rid your hair of moisture, dirt and residue buildup.

Over use of shampoo can leave your hair dry and damaged. Once you are done shampooing your hair, use an unscented conditioner, to treat the strands of your hair.

Dry your hair

Air-dry or use a hair dryer to do the work for you. It’s recommended not to use a towel to dry your hair as it damages the hair and creates static. You can use an old t-shirt, wrap your wet hair with a shirt and let the cloth soak all the moisture. This DIY hair dryer also prevents your hair from getting frizzy.

Another, way to dry your hair is with a hair dryer. Make sure you keep the dryer 15 cm away from the hair and move the dryer continuously, to avoid damage. Use a flat brush to dry your hair, as this will also act as a straightener.

Apply organic serums and oils at the tip of your hair before styling. Get chemical free organic products from Allurials. You can also find fragrance-free hair conditioner on sale at our online store. Order now and get fast & free shipping.

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