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How to Opt for a Shorter Haircut?

Short haircuts are all the rage, particularly since they are far bolder and edgier than hairstyles with long hair. While long hairstyles tend to have a very soft look, short hairstyles add a spark that long hair definitely lacks.

Keep in mind that these are not always the best option, particularly if you want a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and no fuss. It’s a common misconception and you can end up with a short hairstyle that turns out to be heavy maintenance. Luckily, you can use the following tips to get pick a short hairstyle that will be suitable for you.

Face Shape

Your face shape dictates the kind of hair cut you can get. Based on the kind you have, a short hair cut can end up complementing you or making you appear like you are wearing a wig. The following are certain tips to consider:

  • Oval Face: With this face shape, you can easily get any hairstyle you want.
  • Long/Oblong Face: Since the forehead is wider, it is possible to sport bangs and short hairstyles with more volume.
  • Round Face: Avoid adding volume to the sides and opt for a blunt cut like an angled bob. Length of the cut should be an inch or so lower than the jaw line.
  • Diamond Face: Avoid hairstyles that are too severe or dramatic. Skip blunt edges and go for styles that soften the face.
  • Heart Face: Same as the diamond face, a soft short hairstyle will work wonders in softening the sharp jaw line.
  • Square Face: A square face looks amazing with any short hairstyle. It gives an edge to bold cuts while the soft cuts look remarkably feminine as well.

Hair Texture

Your hair texture also defines the kind of hair cut you can get. Thick, straight hair can have a lot more volume making certain hairstyles difficult. Moreover, if you have curls, you will also have to pick a hair style that not only flatters them but makes room for the volume they produce too. You can still opt to get a hairstyle, regardless of the texture but it can make it rather difficult for you to style your hair in a few minutes.


Based on your personal preference, you can opt for a short hairstyle which suits you. If you’re loud, bold and vibrant, opt for a pixie cut, an angled bob or even a woman’s undercut. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a simple sleek, short hair style, you can opt for a short cut like the classic bob or the Lob (long bob). The lob is a favorite, particularly among anyone who is nervous about getting a short haircut and would like to see how the short hair suits them. Once they get used to having short hair, they can keep the length or go shorter to experiment with different lengths and styles.

By taking the time to take the following points into consideration, you can easily pick a short hairstyle that suits you.

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