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How to Style Your Hair without Heat

When it comes to hair styling, your hair usually gets exposed to a lot of heat. This can be extremely damaging if you have healthy hair and if you already have a frayed hair, you can end up worsening the extent of damage you face. The best mode of option is to stop heat styling or limit its usage for your hair. If you are looking to eliminate heat from your routine, the following a few way that you can use to style your hair in a similar manner, without exposing it and causing heat related issues.

1.     Curls

This is one of the easiest tricks and you really don’t need a curling wand for this. A simple headband will suffice. All you have to do is wear the head band like a tiara across your head. Now section out your hear and thread and wrap each portion into the head band. Keep doing this until all your hair is wrapped. Wait for 2 to 3 hours or overnight before unwrapping to reveal beautiful curls.

2.     Braids

Whether it is a short braid or a long one, braids can easily add a look of sophistication and neatness with ease. Paired with the right outfits, braids can be extremely versatile and best of all; you don’t need to apply any heat to your hair either. Whether you have long hair or short, all you need to do is simply make sections and braid your hair with ease.

3.     Top Knots

Top knots are extremely fashion savvy and a great way to keep messy hair out of your face. The no heat rule applies for this hair do too. In fact, for top knots, the messier they are, the better they appear. This is one reason why they are the best no heat, low maintenance hair styles that every one sports.

4.     Beachy Waves

Not only do beachy waves never go out of fashion, they’re perfectly doable without applying any heat as well. Using only sea salt spray, you can easily scrunch up your hair with ease in order to get the perfect beachy waves. Want to pronounce you waves a little more? Get your hands on a setting spray that will hold your waves and ensure that their waviness is more visible.

5.     Pony Tails

Sleek and multipurpose, these pony tails are simple, hassle free and easy ways through which you can style your hair. No heat is necessary and you style your pony tail in a number of different ways. From slicked back pony tails to scrunched, messy ones, you can easily try different styles without applying any heat.

Keep in mind that it can be rather difficult to go completely free of heat when it comes to styling your hair. In such scenarios, always be sure to use a heat protection spray so that your hair does not get damaged by exposure to heat. Moreover, instead of opting for the highest heat setting, go for the lowest one to prevent your hair from getting damaged.

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