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Keeping Your Hair Frizz-Free in the Fall

With the arrival of fall, also comes the ever-present frizz. It can be disappointing to work hard on your hair to complete your look, step outside, and have your hair immediately go frizz central on you.

However, there’s no need to worry. There’s a lot you can do to try and curb the frizz!

Why Does Hair Become Frizzy?

When your hair is frizzy, that’s a surefire way of knowing that what it needs is some moisture, and a whole lot of nourishment. This entails everything from making sure you are eating right and subjecting your hair to the right kind of products and hair care methods.

In the fall, the weather is quite dry, contributing to increased frizz in your hair. In order to get a handle on those stray strands, it’s essential to take the right steps to hydrate your hair, particularly if your hair is naturally prone to being dry.

Be Gentle

Being rough with your hair will ensure increased frizz, and even more breakage. Towel dry your hair very gently, as vigorous rubbing can wreak havoc on hair cuticles and cause frizz.
Air Drying is Key

Let your hair air dry almost completely before subjecting it to the heat of a blow dryer. This will not interrupt the natural process of drying, and make for a sleeker, more lustrous finish—a frizz-free one at that!

Turn Down the Heat

Speaking of blow drying, you aren’t doing any favors to your frizz problem with consistent use of heat. Try to limit your use of hair curlers, straighteners, and blow dryers. This will prevent strand damage, so you can be sure that come fall and winter time, there will come considerably less hair frizz to deal with!

Go Easy on Products

Be more cautious when it comes to the kinds of products you are using on your hair. For example, hair products with alcohol can increase the dryness of hair, and as a result, increase the frizz too.

The Right Conditioner

In order to keep your hair properly hydrated, you need to condition it at least two times a week. You can make use of an organic unscented hair conditioner to ensure that your hair is getting the right amount of moisture and nutrients that it needs! With the absence of chemicals, you can ensure your hair doesn’t dry out, and keep a lid on the frizz.

Allurials Can Help Curb Your Frizz!

At Allurials, we provide you with reliable hair care products that are aimed at offering an organic solution to dry and frizzy hair problems.

Our bestsellers include a fragrance free hair conditioner and the jasmine hair conditioner, both of which are comprised of completely natural ingredients that have a lot to offer in terms of hair health.

With the amazing hydrating qualities of our conditioners, you can be sure that your hair experience come fall season will be completely reinvented!

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