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Natural Acne Busting Ingredients You Need To Invest In Before New Year’s

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that results in pimples and bumps on the skin that are not only painful, but also leave scars behind. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, with 50 million people in the United States suffering it from it each year.  

Acne is also a major source of insecurity for those who have it. Men and women alike feel the need to cover their acne with full-coverage makeup because they hate the appearance of these spots. Individuals admit to missing out on important events because of it too.

Acne is a treatable condition, but most people don’t use the right products to fight it. A few simple ingredients added to your skin care while removing the harmful comedogenic products that cause acne will work wonders on your skin.

Acne can be fought if you take the natural route. Here are some natural ingredients that are known to reduce acne:

Carrot oil

Though oils are generally believed to be the worst product to use on acne-prone skin, carrot seed oil is an exception. This oil is known to be non-comedogenic, which means it doesn’t clog pores that cause pimples and inflammation.

Carrot seed oil has powerful antioxidants that help fight acne and redness caused by it. This oil moisturizes the skin and brightens dark spots caused by acne.

Add carrot seed oil to your night-time skin regime and begin to notice a difference within a few days!

Goat’s milk

 Natural Acne Busting Ingredients You Need To Invest In Before New Year’s

Goat’s milk gained popularity because of Cleopatra. She was known to bathe in this milk. Goat’s milk has since been linked with beauty and glowing skin.

It’s a soothing ingredient that’s mild on the skin. Goat milk’s pH value is between 6.7 and 6.4, which is close to the skin’s natural pH value. This ingredient also moisturizes and hydrates the skin to make it glow.

Known to be rich in vitamin A and selenium, goat’s milk works by repairing damaged skin that occurs with acne, especially if you’ve popped pimples and spots. Vitamin A increases the cell turnover of the skin, helping with scarring that occurs with acne.

Aloe Vera

 Natural Acne Busting Ingredients You Need To Invest In Before New Year’s

Aloe Vera is another versatile plant that has many health benefits. It can be used on the skin, hair, and is also safe to consume. Aloe Vera contains cooling and soothing properties that work well on inflammation caused by acne. This plant also has antibacterial properties that help fight against the bacteria that causes acne.

Manuka Honey

Honey is a miracle ingredient. It works perfectly as a natural sweetener and can be used on your skin and hair as well.

It’s a natural antibacterial agent that also has anti-fungal properties, making it ideal for getting rid of acne. It removes acne-causing bacteria from the skin and reduces inflammation to reveal a bright and healthy complexion. Honey also softens the skin, making it more supple.


Clay has been used for centuries as part of skin care regimens. This multipurpose product is very effective at drawing out impurities from the skin. It unclogs the pores, helps reduce excess oil production that causes acne, and removes toxins from the skin too. Clay can be quite drying, so it’s best for oilier skins.

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