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Natural Hair Products vs. Chemical Ones: Who Wins?

Luscious, silky hair is only seen in Dove commercials and soap operas. With flawless makeup, happy, energetic dancing, actresses in hair care commercials and TV shows seem to have found the secret to praiseworthy hair.

But is that really the truth? Why is it that we see actresses and actors walk down the street, with paparazzi following, only to get pictures in tabloids with gorgeous hair (grr!)

 It’s frustrating.

While we sit at home, praying that it doesn’t rain or get windy during the weekends, it’s natural to feel a bit of resentment.

But did you know that achieving luscious, silky, and smooth hair is possible? And the best way to achieve it is by getting rid of all our shampoos and conditioners.

Wait. What? Why?

Why would anyone throw away shampoos and conditioners?

The reason is simple: they contain harsh chemicals.

The Hair Care Mafia

Get long hair in 18 days! Restore shine to limp hair! Make your hair naturally thick and strong!

Sounds familiar to you? That’s what we’re used to seeing in commercials for famous brands. Not only do these brands promise long, strong hair, they also make false promises to naturally restore your hair’s shine.

But how can products that are laden with chemicals help bring your hair back to life? The truth is, they can’t.

False advertisement is often used to grab the attention of customers. In reality, shampoos have nothing to do with hair growth. But using a fragrance-free, natural conditioner can help rejuvenate your hair by nourishing the scalp.

The Power of Going Natural

We’ve all heard about the benefits of choosing a shampoo and conditioner with a balanced pH level.

But did you know that it’s better to go for an organic product than to rely on one that has low amounts of chemicals? While it’s better than going for something that doesn’t do too much damage, doesn’t it make sense to go for conditioners that don’t do any kind of damage?

Just think about it for a second.

Why choose to purchase shoes that don’t hurt your feet as much, than to choose ones that are comfortable and easy to walk in?

Here’s the deal: natural, fragrance-free conditioners don’t contain parabens or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS). These are powerful insecticides and substances that damage the roots of your hair. In addition, they dry the scalp.

Since natural conditioners are not laden with chemicals, they actually help promote hair growth. They nourish the scalp, the roots, and prevent breakage.

A moisturized, hydrated, and healthy scalp will always lead to smooth, silky, and shiny hair.

It goes without saying that a healthy scalp encourages healthy hair.

We offer organic hair oils and fragrance-free conditioners online for all your hair care needs. If you’re in need of organic hair products, feel free to browse through our products to learn more about what we have to offer!

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