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Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Carrot Oil for Your Skin

Natural carrot seed oil is a type of essential oil that’s extracted from the seeds of a plant known as the Daucus Carota plant.

Carrot seed oil is often confused with carrot oil, which is a mixture of crushed carrot roots immersed with a carrier oil. However, this carrot oil cannot be considered an essential oil.

 close up of carrot oil in a dropper

Carrot seed oil is mainly used in beauty products or applied directly to the skin when mixed with a carrier oil. It possesses many properties that make it beneficial for skincare, including antioxidant and anti-aging properties. It is also used to treat bacterial and fungal skin infections. 

Here are 5 benefits of carrot seed oil benefits:

Effective Antioxidant

According to research conducted by the US National Library of Medicine, carrot seed oil acts as an effective antioxidant. The study also revealed that carrot seed oil also has benefits with regard to liver damage.


Carrot seed oil is used in cosmetics because it has anti-aging benefits. A study by the National Library of Medicine revealed that carrot seed oil-based cosmetics are great for the skin.


Research included in Indian Journals elaborates on the anti-fungal properties of carrot seed oil. Carotol is a chemical compound found in carrot seed oil. This chemical compound reduces the activity of fungi.


Carrot seed oil proves to be very effective at combating several strains of bacteria. Researchers attribute this to the effects of a chemical compound called alpha-pinene in carrot seed oil. They also said that differences in concentrations of the chemical compounds in carrot seed oil could change the oil’s antibacterial properties.


Carrot seed oil can also be used for inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory nature. It can be applied to skin and hair to treat sunburns or any inflammation as it is soothing for the skin and scalp.

 woman with pink lips applying oil

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