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Salon Disasters! – How to Look After Chemically Damaged Hair?

Chemical treatments for hair are becoming more common nowadays. From perms, straightening, hair color experiments and more, these chemicals can be rather damaging for your hair. If you’ve gotten straw like hair and are wondering how to treat your damaged hair, you can take a look at the following tips to help get your hair back on track.

1.     No Harsh Shampoos

Quickly, change the kind of shampoo you use and opt for one that has no parabens, sulfur and is free of SLS. If it is possible, opt to get a salon quality shampoo that is SLS free and can gently cleanse and nourish your hair with ease. Make sure to pick a shampoo that is suited to your hair as well as the chemical treatment you got done.

2.     No Hot Styling Products

After a chemical treatment, you have to stay away from hot styling products that will stress out your already damaged hair. With extra heat, your hair strands will not be able to put up with it and will start to frizz and fray. Give your hair at least two to three months away from the heat styling products. If you really must style your hair, be generous in using the heat protection spray and keep the heat on the lowest setting possible.

3.     Make Use of Natural Ingredients and Oils

Now that your hair is tired and frayed, you need to nourish it and revive it by giving it some special attention. Opt to make use of natural ingredients such as honey, olive oil, eggs, avocado, banana and more that are not only good for consumption but are also great to help your hair recover. Make a hair mask, using a mixture of these ingredients and simply slather it all on your hair. Let it rest for an hour or two and then wash it off.

4.     Deep Conditioning

Apart from using hair masks for your hair, invest in a good deep conditioning treatment that you can use for your hair. In conjunction with the hair masks, this can be the best way to get your hair back on track. Keep in mind that you should opt for a deep conditioner that is free of fragrance and other harmful chemicals as well.

Get a Hair Cut

If you can, get a haircut that will cut out most of the damage on your hair if it is mostly confined to your ends. While this cut down most of the damage, you will still have to be a little carful to ensure that your hair is restored to its previously healthy state.

The last thing that you have to do is, be patient. Unless you want to chop all your hair off, there isn’t a quick fix for chemically damaged hair. However, give it some time and get your hands on these organic, natural hair masks, and deep condition your hair and you will be sporting a luxurious mane in next to no time.


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