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Say Aloe To Great Skin And Hair

Going to numerous dermatologist and buying expensive creams, serums, and medicine to revitalize hair and skin is a common practice among people. In this search to find a cure for their hair and skin problems, they tend to neglect an easy and affordable solution nature has to offer – Aloe Vera

Harvest your own aloe vera gel

A plant requires a lot of care and maintenance, and if you are able to keep an aloe vera plant alive, you can make your own aloe vera gel.

Just grab an aloe leaf from the base and cut it using a knife (these leaves are hard, so be very careful).

Once the leaf is detached, use the knife to de-thorn the leaf. Follow this by slicing the leaf vertically. This will expose the inside gel, use a spoon to extract the gel into a clean container.

Not everyone can grow a plant, or have the time for this long harvesting process. You can easily purchase aloe vera gel from an organic store.  While you are at the store try look for chemical and fragrance-free hair products to enhance the impact of your natural hair and skin care.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel

Heals Sunburn

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nature which make it an ideal cure for sunburn. Its moisturizing element hydrates the skin and the anti-inflammatory agents speed up the healing process.

Restore Moisture

You will find aloe vera extracts in many moisturizers and cream. It forms a protective thin layer around the skin’s substrate, which prevents moisture from escaping.  

Being light in natures it does not clog your pore or form an oily film on your face.

Men can also use it as an effective aftershave to repair small cuts and burns.

Prevents wrinkles

Aloe vear is rich in carotene, Vitamin E and C, which makes it a great anti-ageing treatment.

The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory property of aloe vera allows it to brighten skin tone and reduce blemishes. Removal of skin’s imperfection takes a few years off of your age and makes you look younger.

Promotes hair growth

The making of aloe vera is similar to a hair protein (keratin). It heals the scalp and repairs any dead or damaged cells with help of proteolytic enzymes. The vitamins and minerals found in aloe vera bring moisture and shine to the hair, and improve its elasticity. This prevents hair loss and breakage.


Dandruff results due to excessive oily scalp, fungal infection, dry skin, and irritated scalp. Aloe vera gel can help cater all these symptoms and prevent dandruff with its anti-inflammatory nature.  

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