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Sheerlock Combs: The Mystery Behind Hair Oils

We all have that one friend we’re envious of. She’s the one with shiny, glossy, praiseworthy hair that looks like she just came out of a Dove commercial. She’s known for flawlessly executing hairstyles we can only dream of having. But alas, our dreams come crashing down when we pick up the comb, only to be greeted by stubborn frizz and tangles!

And as much we envy (and slightly resent) this friend of ours, perfect hair is something we see in soap operas and commercials. But the truth is, a good hair care routine and a few precautionary measurements can help us get balanced, smooth, and shiny hair in no time.

One of these is applying hair oil at least 3 times a week. While a lot of people have misconceptions about hair oils, they do wonders for your mane. Here’s how:

They Restore Dull and Limp Hair

One of the problems people have with their hair is that over time, they become dull and limp. They lose their shine and become flat. This is one of the most common problems faced by people with straight hair.

But those with wavy and curly hair have it worse. Their hair becomes flat or tangled and some people have to brush out knots every hour or two!

Organic hair oils do wonders in such situations. They’re great for softening the hair so that it becomes soft. This allows the comb to slide through each strand, without breaking hairs or the teeth of the comb.

No More Tangoing With Tangles

With winter here, we all have problems with frizzy hair and tangles. Frizzy and tangled hair not only proves to be problematic to fix, it also leads to headaches and dizziness. When you try to comb through the knotted strands, the teeth of the comb pull the strands, hurting and damaging your scalp.

Let It Grow

Ever since childhood, most of us have longed for hair like Rapunzel. Strong, long, and thick hair has been a dream But dreams do come true if we work for them. Applying hair oils to your hair at least 3 times a week helps hair grow.

No More Unwanted “Snowflakes”

When the scalp becomes dry and itchy in winters, dandruff becomes a major problem. This is because when your scalp doesn’t get the nutrients and moisture it needs, it becomes dry. It’s important to be careful during winters because during summer, we tend to drink more water and eat foods that have high water content.

Organic hair oils massage the roots of the scalp and have the essential nutrients needed to nourish and replenish hair.

When your scalp absorbs these essentials, each strand of hair is automatically boosted with all the diet it needs to grow.

This helps get rid of flaky skin and the moisture from the oils hydrate the scalp. Saying goodbye to dandruff then becomes easier!

In addition to using organic hair oils, it’s also important to condition your hair with an unscented conditioner! This adds a luscious shine to your hair, keeping it healthy all throughout the winters!

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