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Skincare — 4 Dos and Don’ts

When you’re trying to take your skincare routine seriously, you’re bound to be on the hunt for the most skin-refreshing products that aren’t just deeply moisturizing but also guarantee eternal youth for your skin. Since skincare routines are very personal, everyone requires at least a few holy-grail products that serve as a serious game-changer for their skin and gives them an everlasting glow.

But building a skincare routine is not easy. From natural Aloe Vera gel to rosehip oil, there are several products now displayed on every shelf of your local cosmetic store that can be overwhelming to browse through.

This is why we’ve rounded up some essential dos and don’ts of building a skincare regime.

1. Find Out Your Skin Type

First and foremost, find out your skin type. Is it dry, sensitive, oily, or combination skin?

Your skin type can also change over time due to hormonal and seasonal changes. Buying a product that doesn’t suit your skin type can result in breakouts, inflammation, and irritation due to the disturbances in its natural balance.

2. Don’t Forget to Do Extensive Research

Do your research before you start stocking up on all the fancy skin care products. There are hundreds of different products, and some of them can even harm your skin. Not studying a product before using it can be dangerous because it can contain acids that can be dangerous to use every day.

Make sure you study the ingredients, read reviews, and check out the manufacturer’s website to get all the details.

3. Do Build a Regular Night-time Routine

Since nighttime is usually when our bodies get the most rest and can absorb all the products we apply to our face, it’s best to build a regular nighttime skincare regime, so you wake up to fresh, glowing skin.

Many skin care products include photosensitive ingredients like AHAs and retinoids that can damage your skin if you’re out in the sun. This is why should you slather on some of your favorite serums before your beauty sleep.

 A girl looking in a mirror and applying face cream.

4. Don’t Microneedle

Micro-needling is an excellent way to create microscopic perforations in your skin that would allow any product to penetrate even deeper into your dermis. But if you have thin or sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid micro-needling unless you’ve consulted a dermatologist about it.

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