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Summer Haircare Tips That Will Surprise You

Summer haircare goes far beyond protecting your hair from the heat and harsh sunlight. The humidity and heat can cause hair to become matted, brittle, and super frizzy. The hair cuticle can also incur damage, while sweat and dirt build-up can cause your otherwise luscious mane to look dull and drab.

Since hair takes less time to dry in the summer, it means you’ll be using fewer heat styling tools such as hairdryers on your hair. You can also use the transition to the hotter weather to invest in cruelty and paraben-free products.

Here are a few more essential haircare tips to follow this season.

Keep your hair covered

If you’re heading out in the sun too often or work outdoors even at home, wear a hat or scarf. This keeps the hair’s natural moisture intact instead of exposing it to the heat. You can also invest in heat sprays that act like sunscreen for the hair and protect it from UV rays.

Avoid washing your hair too often

Even though you might feel like you’re sweating a lot more, washing your hair out too often can damage it even further. Instead, keep your hair tied in a braid or a loose bun or use dry shampoo every other day.

Make sure you condition

Conditioning the hair is oh-so-important in every season. Opt for a cuticle sealing deep conditioning mask once a week and make sure you use a nourishing conditioner each time you wash your hair.

Check out our fragrance-free conditioner that has hydrating and replenishing properties for your scalp. It’s perfect for those who have sensitive and dandruff prone skin.

 Summer Haircare Tips That Will Surprise You

Do a hot oil treatment at home

Heat your favorite oil and massage it into your scalp and hair length to give your roots the boost they need. This helps restore limp hair and breathes life into it; it also stimulates your hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

You can do this treatment at least once a week or every other day. Some of the most effective oils are olive, coconut oil mixed with natural aloe vera gel, almond, and even our carrot seed oil. It’s vegan friendly, and you can use it to massage the scalp or add to your shampoo for fuller-looking hair.

Use our exclusive line of cruelty and paraben free products, including all-natural aloe vera gel that is fragrance-free and pure carrot seed oil. You can apply it on your skin, or on your hair to keep it long and luscious throughout the summer. Check out our collection of skin, hair and body care products by visiting our website.

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