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The Secret to Longer Hair: Ways to Promote Hair Growth

Growing long hair isn’t easy. As much as we’d all love to grow out hair in a matter of months, we really can’t. Growing your hair long requires time, patience and some effort.

You see, hair can’t grow long unless it’s healthy. Few people are lucky enough to have long, thick and luscious locks without putting in any effort—the rest of us have to work for it!

Hair usually grows a ¼ inch every month. When it’s well looked after, it can grow up to half an inch every month.

Check out these useful tips to promote hair growth:

1. Trim it

 Trim it

As counterproductive as it seems, trimming your hair is crucial for its growth. When you don’t trim your hair, the ends become frayed and splitting increases with time.

The hair gets damaged and begins to look dull and dry. Whenever you decide to go to the salon, they’ll hack off the rough ends leaving you with sufficiently shorter hair.

By trimming your hair every 10-12 weeks, you’ll prevent damage and you won’t need to chop off so much of it.

2. Use Conditioner

It’s surprising how many people skip out on conditioners after shampooing their hair. Using conditioner is crucial to maintaining healthy hair.

Here’s the thing, shampoo doesn’t do much for our hair at all, it’s meant for our scalp; conditioner is for our hair.

Conditioners help restore and lock the moisture in our hair strands so they don’t become overly dry. Conditioner pumps the hair shaft with proteins and lipids before sealing the cuticle to protect it from over-drying.

3. Shampoo When Needed

You should be conditioning your hair regularly but only shampooing when needed. Excessively shampooing your hair strips it of the essential oils it needs to grow so wait 3-4 days before you wash it again.

4. Use A Hair Mask Every Week

Fun fact; if you have shoulder-length hair, it’s about 2-3 yrs old! Hair that old needs extra care; just using conditioner a couple of times a week isn’t enough.

Using a DIY deep conditioning hair mask once a week will hydrate your hair and leave it soft and frizz-free.

When making your hair mask, be sure to use high-quality, natural ingredients that are packed with natural minerals as opposed to harmful chemicals.

Allurials Pure Aloe Vera Gel and carrot seed oil are great ingredients to add to your hair mask. They are filled with nutrients that moisturize the scalp and promote hair growth.

Order yours today and follow the above tips to get the Rapunzel-like locks you wanted!

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